Air Freight Track&Trace

 Whether you run a B2C or B2B operation, knowing the exact location of your air cargo at any time is the key to optimizing your supply chain management. Youredi's real-time air freight tracking allows your production planners or customers to have the most accurate information possible available.

Learn how Youredi's Track&Trace solution can empower you with business critical intelligence.  


End-to-End Visibility in the Air and Beyond 

Never lose track of your shipments. Our Track&Trace solution provides you with all necessary data on the status of your air freight from departure until arrival. You will know when your goods have been loaded onto the plane, whether there have been any omissions during shipping, and when the shipment can be picked up.


Track All Your Shipments in a Single Platform 

Track all your shipments from different carriers in our platform on any device. Our system integration makes possible to receive Flight Status Updates based on the number of your Air Waybill.



Eliminate Risks with the Help of the Available Data

Receiving update on the status of shipments helps to identify bottlenecks and act before obstacles escalate. Minimizing risks can help maintaining cost-efficiency and maximizing profitability. Accurate data improves supply chain management and increases competitiveness. 



Simplified Connections with Air Cargo Carriers 

Follow movement and status of shipments on the map in a single platform from numerous partners. We can connect your and your carriers' systems to simplify your processes and grant you with all necessary status updates on your air freight.


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