Electronic Air Waybill Validation

Our integration platform provides a smooth automation of business processes, connection and data exchange across systems, and insights of the transactions

Become Fully e-AWB Compliant

The electric Air Waybill is the first step toward a paperless, modern Air Cargo Industry. IATA's e-AWB penetration rate target for 2017 is 62% which indicates that the importance of electronic data exchange is growing. The increasing volume of electric messages submitted by the freight forwarders often include missing data or errors.


Validating Data

Our solution is capable of detecting any omissions in the documents. The tool will validate the messages against your rules and send them back to the shipper for immediate correction. Once the submitted document meets all your criteria, we will be forwarding the final flawless version to you and the shipper will receive an acknowledgment receipt of the message being successfully processed.
Accelerating necessary changes in the e-AWB rapidly can diminish delays in the shipping times.


Enhance Competitiveness

Fully automating your processes is the first step toward e-freight. Minimizing errors in the documents received will reduce your costs, save you time and simplify your day-to-day operations.


Benefits of Our iPaaS

Our cloud-based validation tool is a cost-effective solution that can be set up within a short timeframe. The information exchange happens quickly, seamlessly, and securely. Our solution grants full visibility into the data exchange processes, so all changes in e-AWBs can be tracked.


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