5 Reasons Why You Should Track Your Air Cargo

December 15, 2016


tracking air cargo


Have you ever considered the advantage you gain simply by tracking your air freight?

Air cargo is without question the fastest method for shipping freight over longer distances. Many airlines and carriers make it possible for you to follow your cargo based on an e-Air Waybill; however, tracking cargo in a single platform makes the processes efficient and effortless.

In order to better explain why tracking air cargo can be so important, we gathered the 5 biggest reasons you should consider tracking air cargo when you're a freight forwarder. 

1. Make the right decisions

When it comes to strengthening your business performance, it goes without saying that making the right decisions is vital. Tracking your air cargo empowers you with the knowledge essential for boosting both your business and financial performance. When you know the exact details of your air freight, based on real-time validated data, you have more flexibility to make the necessary adjustments within your operations.

2. Optimize Planning

When you track your air cargo, you will exactly know when your shipment is departing, when it will arrive, and whether there were any disruptions along the way. You can better plan your resources, enhance forecasting, and manage inventory. In addition, you can improve collaborations with your partners, such as retailers or manufacturers.

3. Manage Risks

Tracking air freight not only helps you to optimize planning, but manage risks as well. You’ll be able to assess demand and supply more efficiently while diminishing the risk of manufacturing over your needs.. You’ll know when delays occur due to environmental issues, and you can put contingencies in place if necessary. Knowing the exact state of your shipments gives you enough information to minimize risks and, potentially eliminate them altogether.

4. Increase Customer Retention

Timing is crucial for keeping customers and partners satisfied. Your customers want to know exactly when their shipments will arrive and you need to stick to your promises. If you do not deliver on time, someone else will.

5. Become More Competitive

All four elements above will help you gain the competitive advantage over your competition. When you can track all your shipments, globally, in a single platform, regardless of where you are or what device you use at what time, you will be one step ahead of your competitors. Eliminating risks and implementing better planning will allow you to make better decisions and drive customer satisfaction. You will be able to maintain or even increase your profitability by cutting overhead costs and keeping loyal customers.

Reasons To Track Air Cargo

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