Kick Off Your Digital Transformation Strategy With a Chatbot

June 29, 2017

If you go and open your Twitter, type #chatbot in the search bar. You will shortly notice the huge hype around the popular conversation agents. But do you actually know why you should invest in a chatbot? It can be the perfect start for kicking off your digital transformation strategy with a chatbot. Get a bot and take the first step towards the digitalization of your business processes.

In our recent webinar, we talked about how messaging platforms can enhance your customer experience management. Briefly, we also touched the topic as how a chatbot and popular messaging platforms can be part of the digital transformation strategy. This blog post will talk about how a chatbot is an integrated part of the 5 stages of your digital transformation strategy. 

1. Customer Focus

To make sure your digital transformation strategy meets the need of your customers, you must put emphasis on what your customers want in terms of digital customer experience. Researching and identifying your customers' needs will help you to fine-tune the digital customer journey. This is the first step towards kicking off your digital transformation strategy for seamlessly revolutionizing your business processes.

Utilizing a bot is maybe the most evident tool for proving to your customers that you care. Chatbot can help your customers to interact with your business from the very first touchpoint, when they research their offers, through the sale or even when they have complaints. They will be able to reach you 24/7, get answers to simple questions in under seconds, the bot can escalate difficult cases to customer service agents, it can send marketing information, or send tracking information regarding their purchases. This all can happen through your customers' preferred channels through the devices they like to use the most.

A Happy customer is a customer that will return. Engaging with them in the best possible way is a huge step forward customer satisfaction.

2. ‘Digital First’ Mindset

“Companies that successfully adopt digital technology don’t view it as an extra; digitization becomes central to what they are because they transform their value propositions and evolve every level of the organization so that it becomes data driven, customer-obsessed, and highly agile.” McKinsey, 2015

'Digital first' mindset is the ultimate approach to providing superior customer experience. Although all processes should be digitalized in the long run, if you are thinking about the first step down the path of digitalization, chatbot can be a safe and sound option. You have to think of how all digital processes can change the way your customers perceive the customer experience.

When all your data is available in one place for all stakeholders, serving your customers will be a lot simpler and faster. As artificial intelligence and machine learning are maturing, adopting to automated conversation agents is more realistic than ever. Although bots will not completely replace human agents anytime soon, it can give a boost to your business processes, making your operations more effective and cost-efficient.

digital transformation strategy chatbot

3. Innovative Customer Service with Chatbot

Mapping out the digital customer journey will help you to identify what innovations and technology trends could help you in business process digitalization. Forget the 'mobile first' approach that was trendy in the past years – think digital. Your customers use smartphones simultaneously with other devices and all they want is a convenient digital experience when they interact with your business.

How could a chatbot be your wildcard to innovation? It can be used for very different use cases and purposes, depending on the type of your business. It can offer quotes for sales, answer policy questions or Frequently Asked Questions, keep customers up-to-date on their shipments, claims, bank account balance or open support requests, it can initiate payments or send marketing information. The possibilities are endless. Additionally, a chatbot can be integrated into any popular messaging apps through APIs or into internal business applications and systems with authentication and security.

4. Internal & External Collaboration

In some cases, different departments must collaborate to implement and execute a digital transformation strategy. Integrating messaging platforms and having all data available for all stakeholders in real-time makes the internal collaboration easier and ensures that the digital customer journey is flawless.

Sometimes external collaboration is necessary for finding and using the best possible tools that will help with the digitalization of your business. Developing your own chatbot, equipping it with artificial intelligence is time-consuming. It’s the easiest to leave it for someone else to handle and focus on your most meaningful tasks to stay productive.

For example, a supply chain bot would make sense for the most logistics companies to help them better cooperate with their value chains.

5. Data Integration

A modern business with intentions of implementing a digital transformation strategy, cannot live without a proper data integration tool. A data integration tool will ensure that processes are automated and running smoothly, all data is available at the right time, right place and for all the right stakeholders. It is not only transferring data from System A to System B but can also transform the format of the data, as well as validate and enrich it. It’s not different either when you commit to starting your digital transformation with a chatbot. That’s where Youredi’s BOT advantage lies. The Youredi integration logic takes care of translating the end user’s requests to machine-understandable form. With Youredi iPaaS combined with Youredi Bot, you can make your business applications talk to the end-user – without any changes to your existing business applications.

Remember, to offer a high-class digital customer experience, besides these five fundamentals you need to consider the following: disruptive technologies, customer behavior, and the importance of data. Once you are focusing on these, you will be on the right way to satisfy your customers. 

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