Transportation Logistics: The Benefits of Using Cloud EDI

May 10, 2016

Transportation Logistics

The transportation logistics industry is undergoing significant changes.

  • Customers and partners are demanding more.
  • E-commerce is growing exponentially.
  • Technology is playing a more significant role.

This creates a new opportunity for logistics companies to grow their value networks with customers and partners, centralize legacy tools and processes and integrate data flows faster and smarter.

Many thought leaders have already started to adapt to the market demand in order to manage supply chain data more effectively, in terms of data quality, supply chain visibility, cost, and speed to market.

“Cloud-based iPaaS tools excel in ease of management, offering pre-built integration algorithms, GUI-based drag and drop customizable templates, or command line interface manipulation.” (Massimo Pezzini on Network World, May 4th, 2016)

A cloud integration service allows the parties in the physical logistics process to focus on their core business, better utilize the investments made into their legacy tools (basically extending the lifespan easily by ten years or more if that’s the case), and win new customers and deploy faster, hence resulting revenue growth. Cloud integration allows extreme flexibility to develop the backbone and change/upgrade the legacy tools. Many of our customers as of late have moved into a central WMS system without any interruptions in the service towards end-customers, nor big investments or long, demanding projects.

The risks are very limited when transitioning to the new era. Old on premise solutions, (e.g. WebMethods) have served well in the past, but times have changed and the needs are now different, yet extending all the time. A cloud EDI service offers a very good alternative for old on-premise or hosted software installations:

  • Customers win new business faster.
  • Service offerings are developing day-by-day to better serve users, resulting in the best possible end-customer experience (e.g Bot services to offer the real-time conversation channels with any endpoint and party in the process).
  • Minimal upfront-investment in time or cash.
  • Costs can be forecasted with 100% accuracy.
  • Service fee is a fraction of the total cost of the old methods.
  • IT resources are not tied to the service.
  • The delivery promise is clear and accurate.

With a high price pressure per unit cost on logistics, thought leaders are now getting equipped with tools to respond to market agility and efficiency demand.

An iPaaS solution can ensure an agile and efficient data technology for transportation logistics companies.

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