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Barbara Babati 11.12.2018 8 min read

Connecting with Airlines for Air Cargo Tracking using Air Waybill

Air Cargo is the fastest way to get your shipments from one point to another regardless ...
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Barbara Babati 07.12.2018 18 min read

Data Integration Trends 2019

Data integration trends are continually changing, especially that today enterprises need ...
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Karri Lehtonen 27.11.2018 14 min read

The World’s Most Popular Data Integration Tools

Have you ever wondered what might be the most popular data integration tools in the ...
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Barbara Babati 15.11.2018 22 min read

Global Logistics Trends 2019

Every year around November here at Youredi we sit down and discuss what the next year’s ...
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Barbara Babati 31.10.2018 15 min read

8 Ocean Shipping Logistics Technology Vendors to Watch

The efficiency of global ocean logistics is affecting your life more than you would ...
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Karri Lehtonen 12.10.2018 11 min read

The Lesser of Two Evils: Comparing Data Integration Projects and ERP projects

Recently we came across a customer project where the owner of the project told us in the ...
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Barbara Babati 18.09.2018 14 min read

System Integrators

Our blog on what system integration is has been a real success. There has been immense ...
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Karri Lehtonen 07.09.2018 29 min read

Data Quality: “No Garbage In, No Garbage Out”

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Barbara Babati 28.08.2018 15 min read

What is data integrity?

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Karri Lehtonen 21.08.2018 21 min read

10 Reasons Why Integration Projects Fail

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Barbara Babati 17.08.2018 12 min read

Benefits of data integration

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Barbara Babati 09.08.2018 19 min read

What is Data Integration?

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