Postal Operators Can Renew Their Skins Now, Big Time

March 24, 2015


Due to the huge growth in eCommerce globally, there is a big demand for additional delivery lanes in cross-board commerce.
This is good timing for postal operators who have been struggling with the decreasing mail volumes. Yet they have the delivery networks in place and could offer an attractively priced option to couriers. Deliveries are a bit slower but money talks. If the end-customer in B2C pays 1/5 of the shipment cost compared to expensive options, he or she is typically ready to wait the delivery a couple of more days.

However, the postal audience could have a challenging IT systems' landscape. The older legacy systems can be stiff and very expensive to replace. For example, postals often also have outsourced some functions of the IT to the big boys (global and regional system integrators) and/or they are using traditional EDI operators for messaging - the needed agility is missing to match the current needs. Huge investments are not realistic due to their size in money and time.

Big e-commerce players are getting stronger, which leads to scalability and speed of implementation in their implementations. Time to profit is good. 

There is actually a very good win-win opportunity for all major stakeholders in this equation:

Postal operators can get back on track, renew their skin and challenge seriously the expensive couriers

eCommerce merchants can offer much cheaper shipping options, yet tracked for the end-customers and merchants

Most importantly, end customers get a trustworthy and affordable option for the deliveries, not just being forced to expensive courier delivery

This is a no-brainer business case. Youredi has the solution to let the postal groups leverage their existing systems, yet offer the same service as competition to be challenged.

This is a proven model, and it works in real-life too. It also seems to attract globally. Want more information? Please join our webinar 31st March at 14:00 CET or get in touch directly with us at

It is great opportunity for all parties to win, let's go for it.

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