Business Activity Monitoring

youredi business activity monitoring 


You can manage and view your integrations anywhere using a browser interface.  

youredi business activity monitoring


Configure message flows independently or with the assistance of Youredi professionals. 

youredi business activity monitoring

Increase Efficiency  

Give customers and networks equal access to al information in real-time.

Integration + Analytics = Optimization  

Youredi Analytics is a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) tool that complements the integration solution that we have tailored to the needs of your organization. Youredi Analytics visualizes and analyzes the information that is flowing through our iPaaS platform. Youredi’s discovery based Business Activity Monitoring tool is fully customizable and altered according to your needs. In-depth insights empower you to develop process orchestration, optimized operations and informed decisions concerning all aspects of your business. Stay ahead of your competition by predicting future events, recognizing emerging trends, and understanding market trends with the ability to respond to them in real-time.

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Youredi Real Time Data Analytics
Youredi Business Activity Monitoring

Customized To Meet Your Specific Needs 

Youredi Analytics is an entirely horizontal solution and can be tailored to any industry. It is customized to monitor and measure the events that are the most important to your organization. Do you want to monitor multiple processes, the performance of your stakeholders? Do you process large volumes of events and need to see specific segments of the transactions? It is all possible with Youredi Analytics. 

The Power of Real-Time 

Youredi Analytics monitors and measures all your events in real-time, providing accurate information about the performance of your vendors. The solution proactively sends alerts when abnormalities or bottlenecks arise, allowing you to immediately address issues without delay. The data provided in the Youredi Analytics product will also help you to revamp your processes, as needed, for boosting your productivity and cost-efficiency while bringing transparency into your operations. If you wish to track shipments, Youredi Analytics can visualize the movement of your items on a map in real-time with the available GPS data. This way you can ensure that deliveries are on time and customer satisfaction is maintained.

Youredi Real Time Data Integration and Analytics

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