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Youredi Bot is a new, innovative way to enable two-way communications between your clients and your business applications – in a natural way. Youredi Bot increases your customer satisfaction through quick response times, and it frees up your customer support as it does not need to handle standard, repeating queries and requests.

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Conversations - a natural way to communicate

For us humans, conversations are a natural way to communicate. These conversations can be very brief, or they may last for a long time. What’s common for all forms of conversation is that participants know the state of the conversation and they know what’s already been discussed earlier. This makes conversations performant, as the minimum amount of information is required in order to carry the conversation forward.

Many organizations worldwide are providing different channels for their customers to communicate and carry out conversations with their customer service operation. Phone and e-mail have been there for a long time, but new channels such web chats and instant messaging applications are becoming more and more popular. These channels are used to create conversations between the end user and customer support personnel. However, a large proportion of end customer queries may be very standard, such as querying an order or shipment status. This is where the Youredi Bot can help to optimize support performance and provide a fast and reliable interface to the customer.

Introducing Youredi Bot

Youredi Bot is a conversation engine that can provide a customizable conversation channel between your business applications and your customers – either external or internal. The end user can initiate conversations with the Bot in order to query things like order or parcel status, create service requests or order new services and products. The Youredi Bot will respond to end user input and translate the natural conversation into technical operations that will be then executed with your business systems.

Youredi Bot also understands the context and keeps the conversation open – so the end user can come back to a conversation several days later, and ask for, or provide, more information. Youredi Bot can also send updates to users automatically – for instance, if you have asked the Bot about your parcel status in Skype yesterday, Bot can automatically notify you about the update of the parcel status today by responding to the same conversation.

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Integrate to any business application

As Youredi Bot is functionally a part of the Youredi Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), it can easily be integrated to any business application – whether this application is hosted in-cloud, or on-premise in your own data center. The Youredi integration logic takes care of translating the end user’s requests to machine-understandable form. With Youredi iPaaS combined with Youredi Bot, you can make your business applications talk to the end-user – without any changes to your existing business applications.

Integrate any channel, any language

As end users are accustomed to using different applications for their natural conversations, Youredi Bot supports a broad range of different conversation channels. Currently, the conversation with the Bot can be started using channels like Skype, Facebook Messenger, Kik Messenger, Slack, GroupMe, Telegram, via web portal plug-in, e-mail, and SMS/text. More channels are constantly being added.

In addition to the different channels, end users can communicate with the Bot in multiple languages. The Bot integrates to an automated translation tool that supports currently over 50 natural languages, ensuring global reach to your customers.


Learning and configurable customer experience

Youredi Bot can be configured to become an expert in your business area. With its Artificial Intelligence capabilities, it learns from the previous conversations, and it can be guided to understand the specific business language – terms, phrases and abbreviations – that you and your customers are using.

When the case becomes too complex, you can provide an option to escalate the case to your support people who can then take over the conversation.

As the Youredi Bot will be an integral part of your customer experience, it can naturally be adapted to fit your organization’s requirements – from the naming, to the channels you are using, to the languages you want to use, and to the look and feel of the overall user experience.

More Personal, More Performant.

We know you’re already in the Internet. You are providing customer service channels and can be contacted through e-mail. You may have online forms that your customers may use to contact you, and you may be providing some online information through those forms.

In addition to this, you can now create much more intimate channels with your customers by being present in their favorite instant messaging channel, with your automatized interface remembering his or her preferences and past discussions. More intimacy leads into better customer satisfaction and to more returning customers.


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