Case Study

Working together in the integration field

HiQ Finland is an ICT service and software product company specialized in streamlining customer businesses. We work together with HiQ in the integration service field. HiQ broadens its existing integration portfolio by providing Youredi integration services as an integral part of their FRENDS Iron Integration Platform.

More efficiency to end customers

With Youredi collaboration HiQ can extend their existing integration solution offering. HiQ can utilize our bank connectivity service and trading partner integrations to extend their current EAI and B2B offerings. 

This new functionality is geared towards industries where large message volumes or cost-effectiveness barriers have hindered message exchange between applications. Example industries include retail, manufacturing, energy and utilities. 

Large volumes have traditionally meant large investments in infrastructure.

Cost-effectiveness barriers are encountered by vendors or partners who could benefit from messaging capabilities but are neglected because of the enrolment costs. Typically this results in a long tail of manual processes that are dragged along because no other solution seems feasible.

In both scenarios these costs are diminished by Youredi's service oriented architecture and economics of the Cloud.

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