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Youredi’s air cargo logistics solutions have been empowering the air cargo industry with tools to tackle their challenges related to connectivity management, messaging, process automation, and e-AWB enablement.


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Connectivity Management


Connectivity across trading partners is vital for efficiently managing cargo. Youredi’s integration solutions enable you to connect with all your partners regardless the systems and applications they use. We can connect you to any air freight software, legacy systems, or cloud-based applications. 

Information Sharing 

One air shipment results in over 30 messages. Once your systems are connecting to the ones of your partners, you will be able to forward and receive messages in real-time. Youredi can work with any format, let it be Cargo-IMP, Cargo-XML, EDIFACT, JSON, or any in-house message type. You will always receive information in the format you prefer. Youredi can also set up rules to ensure that the information you receive is always accurate.

Process Automation


Once you have eliminated paper-based messaging, you will also need to prepare for extinguishing time-consuming manual processes. Youredi’s solutions help to orchestrate your processes to save time and reduce overhead costs.



IATA has been emphasizing the importance of e-freight during the last couple of years.To accelerate the adoption of e-freight, IATA has initiated that electronic Air Waybills would replace paper Air Waybills.The switch to electronic documentation has stated several challenges for the industry.


This is why Youredi has developed solutions to simplify the way you manage e-AWBs. Whether you want to ensure that you receive them in real-time in your preferred format or want to validate and enrich them, we can support you. 


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Use Cases

The Youredi Integration Platform is a versatile tool to support the digitalization of the air cargo industry. Youredi has developed a number os solutions for airlines and freight forwarders.



Air Cargo Tracking

Our air cargo tracking solution is a useful tool for freight forwarders that want to be able to track their shipments around the globe. With the help of integrations, we can connect to any airlines to receive status updates based on the e-AWB.


Air cargo tracking has been essential for our customers to optimize their supply chains better.




E-AWB Validation 

Did you know that over 70% of e-AWB include false information or missing data fields? Detecting all these errors manually is time-consuming, and in the case of specific data formats, such as EDIFACT, it’s almost impossible.


Youredi provides airlines with an e-AWB validation tool to detect errors in the messages and automatically forward it back to the sender for fixes.


The tool eliminates manual work to zero, and by this, it saves time, money, and improves customer satisfaction by ensuring that shipments will be able to take off in time.



Do you have an integration challenge?

Do you have a specific challenge that you want to tackle and you think integrations could help you? Send us a message and our team of integration specialists will help to find the best way forward.