Digitization of the Ocean Shipping Industry

With its wide-reaching ecosystem, the maritime shipping industry is a cornerstone of the global economy. To improve operational efficiencies, Youredi is committed to creating a more connected industry together with you. We help you to rethink your processes and data management and provide the tools for enhancing connectivity across you and your stakeholders, managing your data and providing accurate, reliable, and timely data sharing capabilities.


Streamline Operational Efficiency with Digitization


The maritime shipping industry is facing challenges that are holding it back from creating operational efficiency.


Participants of the industry are still utilizing aging technology infrastructures, often tailored ones with proprietary data formats. Today, the primary data format for communication is still EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). However, EDI is too restrictive and does not support real time data sharing or provide transparency, as well as the quality of the data is poor.


Digitization of ocean shipping is high-priority to enhance connectivity across the entire ecosystem, share accurate, reliable and timely data. Nevertheless, complete technology update would be time-consuming, risky, and expensive.

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Data Integration for the Maritime Shipping Industry


Utilizing data integrations built on top of a cloud-based iPaaS allows us to create modern solutions for better connectivity and data management across all your stakeholders and within your enterprise.


With a cloud-based data integration layer, we can update legacy infrastructures and enable hybrid connectivity by connecting on-premise and cloud systems and applications.


Our solutions help to streamline and automate processes and contribute to accurate and secure real-time data sharing.

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Digitization of the Ocean Shipping Industry Is a Game-Changer


A more connected maritime ocean shipping industry is the first step towards fostering better collaboration with customers, suppliers, partners, and ports.


Modern, high-quality data integration solutions will provide you with a competitive edge. Youredi services help you to:


- Modernize your current technology infrastructure

- Develop and deploy complex integration solutions fast

- Connect with your entire ecosystem

- Enhance your data management and the quality of the data

- Share accurate and timely data

- Automate business-critical processes

- Maintain the highest security while connecting with your network and sharing information


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