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 Built to handle the most complex Transportation & Logistics integration needs for Airlines & Airports, Logsitics Providers & Posts, Rail & Road, Shipping & Ports. 

Transportation & Logistics Integration Solution 

Transportation and logistics providers need to be able to share a single truth of operations, shipments, order statuses, carrier location, and connect all transportation and logistics, service and customer data. When you utilize our integration solution, you will be able to connect any internal and external systems and applications, automate data exchange, and promore process orchestration. 


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Youredi Transportation Logistics Integrations



Exceed Customer Expectations

Make information available to customers, anywhere at anytime. 



Provide a synchronized view for shipments, fulfillment, warehousing and transporting.

Rapid Customer Onboarding

Reduce customer integrations to hours or days.


Youredi Transportation Logistics Customization

Customized Integration 

Our integration platform is fully customized to serve your integration needs – whether it’s connecting on-premise ERPs with cloud based CRM systems, or enriching invoice data. Data is often stored in separate silos that are not capable of communicating with each other. Automatically exchange information across systems and share a common view with all stakeholders. Save time, boost productivity, and reduce overall costs. 

Low Cost. High Value. 

Youredi provides a platform and team that act with the agility that your transportation logistics demand. Our platform offers both replicability and transparency. Because there is no need to invest in hardware, software, upgrades or scarce resources, and because our platform doesn't require you to replace your existing integration infrastructure, integration with Youredi presents minimal financial risk.

Youredi Integration Solutions for Transportation Management

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