Automation to e-commerce

Youredi is proud to announce cooperation with Pulse247, a company that produces one of the leading e-commerce platform services in the Nordics dubbed "MyCashflow". With our service, other applications and services can exchange information with MyCashflow easily and even without a customer-specific implementation projects.

Cost-effective integrations

With the Youredi service some of MyCashflows interactions are automated. Users can exchange information between financial management systems, banks and logistics companies.  

Customer actions in MyCashflow can be forwarded to applications; warehouse inventory is affected by purchase, payment in web bank can release delivery process and so forth. New integrations and use cases are added to the service mix as usage increases. 

"Before Youredi e-commerce was missing an integration service broker."
- Ismo Ruotsalainen, CEO, Pulse247

Integrations are not commonly used in e-commerce services because traditional integrations are expensive and the implementation process is time consuming. Our integration service is based on modern technology so we can combine information streams quickly and cost-effectively. 

With MyCashflow you can lift your e-commerce experience to the next level.