A PipeChain & Youredi Webinar: Integrate your Sea Freight process with your Purchase Order process

TIME: 10:00-11:00 CET

Do you have a large number of material suppliers overseas? Do you use sea freight to a large extent? Have you faced drawbacks as Purchase order- and Sea freight -processes are separated and “siloed”? Interested in how you could join them and get the sea freight process integrated into your order process at scale?

In this webinar we will monitor how you can combine and benefit from PipeChain´s data driven and collaborative order process capabilities with Youredi´s vast library of off-the-shelf Sea Freight Carrier and Forwarder integrations. As a result, you can gain visibility and control over your purchase order process from forecast to invoice including Sea Freight, “non-siloed”.

During this webinar we will not only describe the actual process and how it can look like, but we will also touch:

  • Why does this opportunity open up at scale now?
  • What´s in it for you? To what benefits and values for your company?
  • Some success factors and traps to avoid.


Roland Jansson is Vice President of PipeChain with responsibility for Enterprise Sales. Roland has a long background in sales management and consulting for the Enterprise segment, the latter for about 15 years concerning cloud-based IT for the transport and the logistics sector.

Geesche is the Head of Business Development at Youredi and drives the commercial development of our services according to customers' needs. She has a 10-year experience working with business development, sales and partner management from the Logistics SaaS industry and has prior to that worked within Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Before joining Youredi, Geesche worked in different roles at companies such as Unifaun, Memnon Networks and Itella/Posti.



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PipeChain is a Swedish company that with SaaS-based and data-driven supply chain and material planning-processes complements the ERPs of companies worldwide. One of our greatest strengths is our ability to achieve full penetration of data-driven, deviancy-focused and collaborative supply chain processes to, for example, all customer material suppliers. Combining these processes with our material-planning software results in a powerful supply chain position.

For more information, please visit www.pipechain.com


Youredi is the leading provider of fully managed data integration services and solutions for logistics and the global supply chain.

Youredi enables customers' business scaling and automation through its unified and modern platform for API and EDI transactions. Besides technology, we understand your business.

Youredi's solutions are versatile, secure, reliable, and provided as a fully managed integration service. Youredi enables quick data connectivity and process integration between trading partners of any size. Integrating with ecosystems, carriers, shippers, consignees, and the systems they use, Youredi provides global scale, speed, and agility. A seamless and timely flow of 100% accurate data provides organizations with the ability to analyze and optimize all their supply chain processes.

Youredi operates globally from Helsinki, Finland, and New York City, USA.

For more information, please visit www.youredi.com