Youredi Rapids Ocean Track & Trace Data Connectivity

Harmonized track and trace data for all your container events delivered directly to your system.

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A one-stop solution for you to track all your container events directly from your system

Youredi Rapids Ocean Track & Trace Data Connectivity

What is Youredi Rapids Ocean Track & Trace Data Connectivity?

Youredi Rapids Ocean Track & Trace Data Connectivity is a subscription-based fully managed solution to directly get Track & Trace information into your own system and increase operational and IT efficiency. Its focus is on connecting shippers and other ocean shipping stakeholders with their carriers and 3rd parties, regardless of systems used and technical capabilities. The Track & Trace solution covers the track & trace information for all major steps of the ocean shipping journey.


Youredi Rapids Maritime Logistics, Track & Trace Data Connectivity Ocean Shipment Journey


What do we offer

The service includes

A solution to tracking all your ocean container shipments regardless of carrier

The solution we provide is carrier-neutral. So, whether you work with top 10 carriers such as MSC, Maersk, CMA CGM, Hapag-Lloyd, COSCO, ONE, Evergreen, Yang Ming, HMM, and ZIM, or any other carrier, you can track all your ocean container shipments and get the T&T data directly to your existing system. You can get all the events the carriers are sharing, not only the typical 5-10.

Collection, harmonization and persistence of carriers' track and trace data

The solution collects the data from many sources and endpoints, persists it, and harmonizes it, so end-users' systems can easily consume it.

We connect different sources and use different methods, but no screen scraping. Our solutions have a zero screen scraping guarantee.

Conversion from carrier's in-house formats and various sources, including conversion from legacy (e.g. EDIFACT) interfaces to modern (e.g. APIs) Each carrier typically has its own format and interface for track and trace data. Many work with legacy systems and integration standards such as EDIFACT, while others share their data only via specific APIs. With the Youredi Rapids Maritime Logistics, Track & Trace Data Connectivity solution you don't have to worry about these multiple interfaces. It integrates directly into your system in the single format of your choice.
Delivery of harmonized track and trace data directly into customer´s system with format and frequency of choice With the solution, you can choose the format in which you receive the harmonized track and trace data. You can also decide on the frequency in which you would like to get the data and whether you would like Youredi to “push” the data or “pull” from an API.
Add-on services such as notifications/deviation management Would you like to go one step further and have the Track & Trace data sent directly to a third party such as your customer in a specific format? Or would you like to be separately notified about specific events such as deviations from the expected process? You can do all that and more by adding advanced features to the solution.
Enrichment of data such as specific references using multiple sources

For example, if you would like to use specific references such as container ID, but the carrier or a third party provides tracking information only on vessel level, the solution can maintain links between different references allowing you to get the tracking information directly into your system using your system's known references. The solution can also handle other enrichment of data. Just mention your needs in the setup phase.

Fully managed service You don’t have to deal with anyone else to make it work. The service is fully managed, meaning we will take care of the whole process from the design phase through deployment to maintenance.

The electronic track & trace information can be provided in the format your backend system can consume, e.g. EDIFACT (IFTSTA), ANSI X12 (EDI-315) or can be fetched via Youredi's API (e.g. in the new DCSA-standard format). 

All major ocean shipping events such as loaded, departed, arrived, and milestones can be transmitted. Depending on the carrier, there are typically at least five types of events. With Youredi T&T you can receive all available events.

Add more services to your subscription

DEVIATION MANAGEMENT ADD-ON - Receive rule-based important notifications timely.
Example of rule definition: if specific events happened or not, you will receive a notification via email.
Price: starting at 1
00€/month (including up to 100 notifications) 


Would you like also to handle your booking requests and shipping documents or inland haulage to the solution? Contact us to get a full overview of the additional services added to the solution.. 

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What you can expect utilizing Youredi Rapids Ocean Track & Trace Data Connectivity

  • A true all-in-one- solution
  • Avoid having to consult multiple sources of track and trace information such as carriers' websites, other service providers' tracking tools, or third party portals
  • Avoid giving your staff yet another window to follow and a new system to learn
  • Don't worry about mapping, conversion, and other integrations headaches, neither do your customers have to worry
  • Avoid having to purchase and commit to a full software suite  
  • No screen scraping

How to subscribe

Fill out the “request quotation” form

Provide us with the information regarding used carriers, estimated shipment volumes, and details regarding your system.

Sign a contract with us

Our integration experts contact you to agree on setup and sign a contract.

Provide a letter of authorization

 With a letter of authorization towards the carriers, you authorize Youredi to handle the track and trace information on your behalf.

Get T&T data directly to your system

You are ready to track your shipments from your own system.

KEY FEATURES OF the solution

As a leading provider of data integration solutions for logistics and the global supply chain, Youredi's team has extensive data connectivity and management experience. Our solutions are based on the unique Youredi iPaaS platform, capable of working with various data formats, standards, and interfaces.

With Youredi facilitating interoperability you can adopt and benefit from new industry standards (e.g. DCSA) without having to change your IT system. 

Fully managed service The service is fully managed, meaning we will take care of the whole process from the design phase through deployment to maintenance, including the onboarding of all stakeholders. Neither do you have to invest in in-house integration technology or the IT staff required to operate it.    
no changes to your existing IT system required The solution we provide is entirely cloud-based and has a form of a layer added to clients' existing systems, whether cloud systems, apps, or legacy systems, that are quite common in the global ocean shipping industry. Utilizing Youredi Maritime Connectivity, you need not make any changes to your existing solutions and continue using data standard and format conveniently for your operations.  
Predictable pricing We offer a predictable subscription-based model that incurs a one-time setup fee and a monthly payment depending on the volume of containers you want to track monthly.  
How much does it cost?

Youredi Rapids Ocean Track & Trace Data Connectivity Pricing

We offer a predictable subscription-based model that incurs a one-time setup fee and a monthly payment depending on the volume of containers you want to track monthly.

Fixed Setup Fee: Typically, the setup fee is between 1 000€ - 5 000€ and depends on the integration. If you are able to adapt to the Youredi Rapids API, the setup fee will be minimal. Contact us via the Request a Quote form to get a price quotation.
Fixed Subscription Fee: Starting at € 500 per month (includes up to 500 containers/month) and depends on the number of containers to track monthly.

  Number of containers Monthly charge 
Tier 1  Up to 500 500€
Tier 2 501 - 3 000 0,90  per container/month
Tier 3 3 001 - 5 000 0,80 per container/month
Tier 4 5 001 - 10 000 0,70 per container/month
Tier 5 Above 10 000  0,60 per container/month

Pricing example: if you track 4 000 containers a month, your charge will be 500€ + 2 500 * 0,90€ + 1 000 *0,80€ =3 550 €

No redundant fees! There will be no charge for empty search results, i.e. if no track and trace events are available for a specific container you query, you won’t be charged. 


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