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Achieving process automation with streamlined ocean booking and real-time visibility

As the global market continues to face unprecedented challenges and disruptions, freight forwarders and shippers need solutions that allow them to elevate the performance of operations and don't create new challenges for their IT teams. 

For years, Wakeo and Youredi have been developing solutions enabling the above-mentioned stakeholders to achieve process automation through streamlined ocean booking and real-time visibility with no need to invest in expensive in-house development and additional IT personnel to maintain those. 

Join us for this webinar, where Geesche Laksola ( VP, Head of Business Development, Youredi) and Guillaume Waline (Channels Sales and Strategic Alliances, Wakeo), will discuss the most common pitfalls freight forwarders and shippers encounter on their way to full automation and visibility, as well as share an insight from the field on the best practices to avoid those issues. 

During this 30 min session, you will learn the following:

  • Why digital transformation and process automation are vital for building supply chains of the future. 
  • The most common pitfalls on the way to process automation and visibility.
  • How shippers and freight forwarders can gain better visibility and business intelligence to make informed decisions and build a competitive advantage. 
  • How Wakeo and Youredi help to address the challenges of today's global supply chains. 
  • And why collaboration between industry leaders is the key to modern solutions aiming to solve the global supply chain and logistics domain's challenges most efficiently. 

Date and Time:
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Duration: 30 minutes



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Guillaume Waline
Channels Sales and Strategic Alliances, Wakeo 
(Guest Speaker)

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Geesche Laksola
VP, Head of Business Development, Youredi

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