Youredi's iPaaS for TMS operators

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
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Youredi iPaaS for TMS operators

Enhance your TMS’ Connectivity Ecosystem with Youredi’s Managed iPaaS

We provide the managed data integration service to strengthen, not compete with, your system. Youredi iPaaS is a cloud-based integration platform designed for reliable information exchange between different business systems. Systems can be located on-premise or in the cloud, in various organizations, and provide different interfaces and use diverse data types. The technology we use can connect old and new worlds (e.g., EDIFACT and API).

Helped by Youredi iPaaS, you can easily extend your ecosystem with new connections and partners, expand the domain or geographies of your operations, connect any business partner to your ecosystem regardless of the technology or data formats utilized, or outsource your integrations and stay focused on your core competencies.

Whatever your business goals are, Youredi's iPaaS solution enables you to reach those goals most efficiently!


What we offer

Expand your ecosystem with new connections and partners

You have developed and marketed a strong TMS (Transport Management System), Supply Chain Execution, or Visibility platform that is great with one or several modes of transport. Still, now you would like to offer your customers more options?

Youredi's iPaaS is the solution enabling you to reach your goal most efficiently!

Expand domain of your operations

Perhaps you have been thinking of getting into the ocean, air, or rail modes, which are new areas to you.

With Youredi's managed solutions, you need not worry about that. Youredi's team has expertise in data integration for all transportation modes; thus, we will take care of the design, implementation, and maintenance of integrations with your partners operating in any of those domains.

Expand locations of your operations

Are you planning to enter new geographies but have realized that building a carrier ecosystem in these new markets, as strong as you have at home, will take you years?

Utilizing Youredi iPaaS, you will get the expected results in just a few months.

Connect any party to your ecosystem, regardless of the technology or data formats they use

Would you like to add logistics connectivity, but your trading partners insist on using interfaces your integration team is not familiar with?

Our team will help you to connect with any business partner regardless of the system, interface, or data standard they use.

Youredi iPaaS is a modern, cloud-based integration service capable of solving all your integration needs. Whether you want to communicate via modern API's or any other method, we will take care of all the details towards your partners, translating messages to the format they understand (EDI standards, API's, XML, JSON, CSV, inhouse formats, and more) and communicating via channels they already use.

Stay focused on your core competencies

Perhaps you would like an alternative to doing everything in-house for building integrations with transport solution providers or other systems?

With the managed service we provide, you need not care about the integration details - and simultaneously, you can rest assured you are sharing correct data with your clients and partners.

Our experts will take care of all your integrations, so you and your partners can focus entirely on your core business.


Have you detected holes/gaps in your data? Or would you like to compliment your TMS system with alternative data sources? If these are issues you are facing, but your team is already overwhelmed by the work or is incapable of dealing with specific data formats or sources of information, we can be your integration partner who takes care of data cleaning, harmonization, validation, and mapping.

If you prefer, we can be your OEM/black box connectivity engine, invisible to your customers or competitors.

Create outstanding customer experience and speed up customer onboarding

Do you have larger customers that really like your product, have large shipment volume but struggle with getting their backend systems connected? We can help them and you to connect your systems with any format and integration method to get them "to product" as soon as possible.

Typical Logistics Integration Architecture


  • Booking
  • Booking confirmation
  • Shipping Instruction
  • VGM
  • Track & Trace
  • Invoices
  • and many others
Typical Logistics Integration Architecture

Logtech platforms and TMS providers that rely on Youredi

To discover the full list of companies, please visit Youredi's Partnership Network And Ecosystem page.   

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KEY FEATURES OF the solution

As a leading provider of fully managed data integration services and solutions for logistics and the global supply chain, Youredi's team has extensive data connectivity and data management experience. Our solutions are based on the unique Youredi iPaaS platform capable of working with various data formats, standards, and interfaces.

Fully managed service

The service is managed, meaning we will take care of the whole process from the design phase through deployment to maintenance.

No changes to your existing IT system required

The solution we provide is entirely cloud-based and has a form of a layer added to clients' existing systems, whether it is cloud systems, apps, or legacy systems common in the global ocean shipping industry. Utilizing our service, you need not make any changes to your existing solutions and can continue using data standards and formats convenient for your operations.

Scalable Solutions

You need not worry about technological bottlenecks - our scalable and robust technology can adjust to any workload regardless of volume.



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