How to translate EDIFACT messages automatically?

As a standard, EDIFACT is complex, only semi-structured, and difficult to read by humans. However, it is still widely used today. 

In this webinar, we'll show you how our tool translates EDIFACT messages into your preferred format automatically. 

You'll also learn more about: 
- The challenges of B2B integrations/EDI 
- The role of the cloud in EDI



May 9th, 3.00-3.30 PM EET / 2.00-2.30 PM CET




Jaakko Elovaara is going to talk about our role in the digitization of ocean logistics. The topic of the presentation is to be confirmed later. 


Webinar - How Is Digitalization Impacting Air Cargo Stakeholders?


As we are working work with air cargo stakeholders (shippers, airlines, forwarders, GHAs, airport operators, motor carriers, and others) across the entire value chain, we see that the task of digitalization of e-Freight is becoming more daunting; it is more expensive and time-consuming than one anticipated. 

Many of these stakeholders are buried in long transformation projects non-revenue generating integrations. Others are just not embarking on the task.


Webinar - How to Improve Port Revenue


Operational efficiencies in ports are negatively impacted by unplanned stacking of imports, late gate-in, change of vessel, change of destination, and other unexpected events. Too often, the terminal is not compensated for the additional handling cost due to shortcomings of the billing process. 

Terminal operators face daily challenges as they need to reconcile billing, invoices, and contracts. The majority of billing, invoicing, and managing contracts still happen manually in different systems. These processes must be automized and happen in a timely manner.

Webinar - How Can Messaging Platforms Enhance Your Customer Experience Management?


As customers are increasingly moving online, companies are looking to serve them through the messaging platforms where they spend the majority of their time online. 

Chatbots equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning enable the implementation of better, more cost-effective customer service that can be a valuable advantage for your business.

On Demand
Webinar - Tomorrow's Air Cargo: What is required to achieve 100% digitization? 

Three years on from the initial e-AWB kick-off, penetration has not yet reached 40%. Why is it taking so long? And what is required to get to 100% adoption and from there, tackle e-freight—another 30-plus electronic messages.  

The air cargo industry must improve overall efficiency, reduce costs, and become more competitive. Companies like Amazon and Alibaba are creating waves across the industry as e-commerce grows and their customers demand 72-hour global deliveries. They are taking it upon themselves to deliver the attributes needed for change and drive a quantum shift in how air cargo moves globally.

In this webinar, you'll hear from a panel with diverse backgrounds that will provide insight into the changing world of air cargo and the need for massive operational improvements to meet the demands of tomorrow’s customer.   

Webinar - What Will Supply Chain Optimization Mean In 2020?

We must begin preparing, now, for the future of supply chain. If you want to ensure that you remain relevant and competitive in this fast-changing industry, then you must understand what supply chain optimization will entail four years down the road.


This webinar will educate you on the future of supply chain, and equip you with the tools necessary to building a sustainable and optimal supply chain for years to come.


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