Youredi data connectivity for Turvo TMS users

Integration with your trading partners has never been easier

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"Turvo TMS works to empower shippers, carriers, LSPs, and brokers with a completely streamlined, connected approach to comprehensive supply chain management, all in one platform."

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Youredi is the preferred integration partner for Turvo

Youredi data connectivity service for Turvo TMS users

We provide a predictable, flat rate integration service allowing Turvo TMS users to connect with their trading partners and internal systems.

Your company's goal is to automate processes and data connectivity? The solution is Youredi, the supply chain iPaaS that combines ready ecosystems, ready message formats and skips drawbacks such as high costs, long deployment times and rigid product roadmaps.

We are not limited to EDI integration only, Youredi supports basically any format of data, any interfacing protocols your customers and business partners might have.

Use case example follows: The service automates the flow of the truckload booking process (messages 204, 990, 214, 210).

Small Turvo

Youredi Process Integration Service

  • Truckload booking process (204, 990, 214, 210).

  • Turvo user authorizes Youredi for technical integration.

  • Managed service, platform support included.

  • Standard solution support.

  • Standard contracting process with clear subscription terms.

  • Log visibility to technical flows.

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