Ocean Freight Connectivity 

A modern alternative to legacy booking and container-shipping platforms.

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We offer a solution that enables freight forwarding businesses to part ways with legacy ocean booking platforms  

Throughout our years at the forefront of data connectivity for logistics and supply chains, Youredi has helped a number of freight forwarders move away from the legacy solutions they had relied on for so long. The most common request we receive is to streamline the ocean booking routine, as the solutions that are widely used for this purpose are technologically obsolete and incredibly costly.

After identifying this common industry need for the migration, Youredi created a product to serve as a solution that would enable freight forwarders, as well as other stakeholders of the industry, to say goodbye to legacy platforms and elevate the efficiency of their businesses.

Freight Forwarders use our service to:

Expand Ecosystems Connect directly with carriers that are vital to your business but not yet part of the ecosystem of your current ocean booking solution.  
Save Time and Resources Save time and money that would otherwise be spent on additional software to bridge the technological gaps of your current solutions.  
Become Multimodal Manage all transport modalities from a single system and have all the data available in one easy-to-access space, such as TMS, ERP, or any other system you use.  
Eliminate manual processes Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual booking processes.  
Improve Visibility Receive status updates on freight movement in real-time.  
Facilitate efficient data exchange Send booking requests and shipping instructions directly to the carrier of your choice.  

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By entrusting us with your data needs, you can say goodbye to the following issues forever:

Functionality issues

Not satisfied with the rigid roadmaps of your current solution?

Do the roadmap limitations of your current legacy booking platform create obstacles that hinder the growth of your business? You're not alone!
Solutions designed to satisfy the masses cannot efficiently address the specific challenges faced by your company.

Functionality issues
Financial issues

Tired of constantly increasing service fees?

Are you struggling with unexpectedly increasing service prices? Are you currently planning to increase the price of your service to account for this loss? What if we were to say that you don't have to?

Financial issues
Ecosystem expansion issues

Is bringing in new carriers a challenge?

The need to rapidly bring new carriers into your ecosystem is crucial for many. However, with legacy platforms, adding a new party that is not part of the platform’s existing ecosystem is often impossible. Of course, you can always add one more solution to your IT stack, but is that really the optimal solution?

Ecosystem expansion issues
Transport modality limitation issues

Is your solution only ocean-focused?

Is your business active in different modalities, but the booking solution you rely on only works with the ocean-related segment? Is consulting another additional platform the only option to overcome the challenge? Not really!

Transport modality limitation issues
Are you recognizing your need for change?

Use cases we can help with:

Ocean booking Data Connectivity

Youredi Rapids Ocean Booking Data Connectivity is a subscription-based, fully managed solution that aims to increase the efficiency of ocean-shipping ordering processes. This solution is focused on connecting cooperating partners, regardless of the systems they are currently using and the technical capabilities of those systems. This solution covers the information exchange for all major steps of the ocean-booking process, from booking requests to transport documents, and from sailing schedules to invoices, if needed.

 Discover More About the Youredi RAPIDS Ocean Booking Data Connectivity service

Carrier Connectivity

If you're looking to integrate with a carrier that is not already part of your ecosystem and is also not available as part of your existing solution, you don't have to start your integrations from scratch. Instead, you can take advantage of Youredi's existing ecosystem, which includes a wide range of ocean, air, and road carriers, as well as the leading TMS (Transportation Management System) solutions used by these companies.

By doing so, you can significantly speed up your integration project and avoid the need to make substantial investments in an in-house team of integration experts or the expensive software programs and technologies required for in-house development.

Learn More About the Ecosystem >>

Enhancing partner integration

Enhancing partner integration to heterogeneous partner interfaces, including EDI messaging, in-house formats, and API interfaces.

A new technological component of our services, the Youredi Rapids Service Bus, will easily and efficiently integrate different participants, regardless of whether they are utilizing synchronous or asynchronous messaging.

Solutions We Offer:

Youredi Rapids Track & Trace Data Connectivity (Ocean freight)

Youredi Rapids Track & Trace Data Connectivity (Air freight)

Youredi Rapids Ocean Booking Data Connectivity

Data Aggregation

How can data be aggregated from multiple internal and external sources, and be efficiently utilized in reports, alerts, and notifications?

With the help of Youredi Rapids, you can automate the connections between different systems, technologies, and software applications to break down data silos and aggregate your vital data all in one place and in a timely manner.

Solutions We Offer:

Youredi Rapids Track & Trace Data Connectivity (Ocean freight)

Youredi Rapids Track & Trace Data Connectivity (Air freight)

Enrichment of Data Using Multiple Sources

Sometimes, a carrier might require booking information that you do not have readily available. Youredi can pull the required data from multiple different sources, such as your ERP, WMS, and TMS, combine and clean that information, and forward it to the carrier. This same process can also be done in the opposite direction. In addition, Youredi can handle other types of data enrichment or validation. Just explain your specific needs during the setup phase and we’ll get it done for you!

Extending the functionality of your IT system

Youredi will extend your main IT system (TMS, TOS, WMS, etc.) by integrating functionalities from external applications or configuring some of the functionality as a part of Youredi’s iPaaS solution.

Solutions We Offer:

Youredi Rapids Order2invoice Data Connectivity

Youredi Rapids eBoL Solution Connectivity

Are you facing any other integration challenges? If so, be sure to look into Youredi RAPIDS! Youredi RAPIDS is a collection of ready-to-use solutions that you can start to benefit from straight away. Or, please contact us via this form, and our team will guide you through our product portfolio.


The solutions we provide are fully managed, meaning we will take care of the entire process from the design phase through deployment to maintenance, including the onboarding of all stakeholders. As a result, you no longer have to invest in in-house integration technology nor the IT staff required to operate it. Moreover, you don’t need to change your existing system and may continue using whichever data standards and formats that are most convenient for your operations.


Unmatched Scope

The solution we provide covers the information exchange for all major steps of the execution and visibility processes — from booking requests, transport documents, and sailing schedules to tracking events and invoices. Moreover, our solution allows you to address all your data integration needs, regardless of any type.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Youredi combines the advantages of LogTech platforms and DIY integrations while avoiding their drawbacks, such as high costs and rigid product roadmaps.

Outstanding Result

Our unique combination of integration expertise, an understanding of the domain's business needs, a vast ecosystem of pre-connected parties, and the flexibility of Youredi's proprietary integration platform (iPaaS) enables us to provide efficient solutions that help freight forwarders migrate away from legacy platforms.



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