Youredi Rapids eBoL Solution connectivity

The easiest and most cost-efficient way to connect with Electronic Bill of Lading (eBoL) platforms and service providers.

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Youredi Rapids eBoL Solution connectivity

Fully managed solution enabling connectivity between your systems and eBoL platforms and service providers


The Bill of Lading (shortened to BoL or B/L) is the most important document in ocean shipping. It has several functions including agreement of carriage between shippers and carriers and the transfer of title between shipper and consignee. There is significant potential for more efficient handling of the BoL by digitalizing the document and associated processes.   

There are several efficient Electronic Bill of Lading (eBoL) solutions digitizing and streamlining the process around the Bill of Lading.  Youredi Rapids' eBoL Solution Connectivity service connects you and your systems to these eBoL platforms and service providers, making the transition to an electronic process smooth.

Youredi Rapids eBoL Connectivity now available for CargoX 

The CargoX Platform gives you the world’s easiest way to upload documents and provides the tools for their secure and instant transaction. Being connected to National Customs for filing and compliance, and capable of working with various types of freight documents, CargoX has become the ultimate e-document transfer solution for hundreds of companies worldwide.

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What do we offer?

The Benefits You can expect from Youredi Rapids eBoL solutions connectivity

The Youredi eBoL connectivity service helps you connect with eBoL platforms and service providers to digitalize, automate, and streamline the Bill of Lading routine. Whatever document transfer platform you are interested in connecting with, by using us as your integration partner, you will get benefits such as:

Save time and increase the efficiency of your day-to-day business operations. 

Transfer the documents to your business partners electronically through modern and secure digital platforms in just one click.

Eliminate risks and restrictions of the traditional paper-based process. 

Digitalizing your document processing implies reduced paperwork, manual handling, document loss, errors and delays, and forgery or fraud.

Easy Adoption

By choosing Youredi's fully managed data connectivity solution for your eBoL routine, you avoid the burden of building the needed integrations in-house. Without investing in integration technology and managing an in-house integration expert team, you save time and costs.

As a leading provider of data integration solutions for logistics and the global supply chain, Youredi's team has extensive data connectivity and management experience. Our solutions are based on the unique Youredi iPaaS platform, capable of working with various platforms and systems.

With our fully managed solutions, you can expect fast deployment and cost-efficient results. Through us, you will elevate your document processing to an absolutely new level. 



Fully managed service

You don't have to deal with anyone else to make it work. The service is fully managed, meaning we will take care of the whole process from the design phase through deployment to maintenance, including onboarding all relevant stakeholders. Neither do you have to invest in in-house integration technology or the IT staff required to operate it.

No changes to your existing IT system are required

The solution we provide is entirely cloud-based and has a form of a layer added to clients' existing systems, whether cloud systems, apps, or legacy systems. Utilizing the Youredi Rapids' eBoL connectivity service, you need not change your existing solutions and continue using data standards and formats conveniently for your operations.

Predictable pricing

We offer a predictable subscription-based model that incurs a one-time setup fee and a monthly payment depending on the volume of monthly eBoL data transfers.

How much does it cost?


We offer a predictable subscription-based model that incurs a one-time setup fee and a monthly subscription fee depending on your usage.

Price: €400/month including up to 200 eBoL data transfers. Data transfers over 200/month: €1,8-1,2 depending on overall volume. The higher your volumes, the lower the fee per data transfer

Fixed Setup Fee:
The setup fee depends on the complexity of your interface. Please contact us via the Request a Quote form below so we can provide you a binding offer.

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