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Youredi builds all its customer and partner solutions on top of Youredi Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS).

Youredi iPaaS


Youredi iPaaS is a cloud-based integration platform designed for reliable information exchange between different business systems. Systems can be located on-premise, in the cloud, in different organizations, and provide different interfaces and use different data types - Youredi ensures that information is synchronized across the globe instantly.

Youredi runs as a managed service, so you don't need to consider hosting details - you can just rely on the fact that you and your partners are always using correct and up-to-date data in your operations.

Youredi iPaaS

Best technology for supply chain and logistics integrations

Youredi iPaaS is especially efficient in connecting supply chain and logistics data flows across different organizations and continents. Its functionalities include automated parsing and transformations of logistics industry standard messages including EDIFACT, ANSI X12, and others. 

At the same time, it is designed for seamless interoperation with modern applications and services within the industry. Utilizing modern technology backbone, Youredi helps you to communicate with any shipper, freight forwarder, carrier or any other party within the industry - regardless of the technology you or your partners are using.

Connect anything, anywhere

To be able to provide universal connectivity between different organizations, Youredi iPaaS provides universal connectivity options. Hybrid integration (connectivity between cloud and on-premise applications) as well as old and new interfaces - everything is covered by Youredi iPaaS technology adapters.
Universal Connectivity


The first requirement for exchanging information between business applications, often owned by different organizations, is the ability to communicate with them. Youredi iPaaS provides universal connectivity options for interfacing with business applications.

Hybrid integration (connectivity between cloud and on-premise applications) as well as old and new interface types - everything is covered by Youredi iPaaS technology adapters. Youredi provides interfaces for HTTP, FTP, SFTP, AS2 and e-mail to name a few - both in and outbound. Whether a transfer file, a database connection, or a modern Internet-based API - we can share information between applications.

EDI, API, and anything in between

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Today, we are living in a globally connected world so we need to be able to communicate with various stakeholders. Some of them are older, some are newcomers. As information technology has made huge steps over the past few decades, the participants are utilizing technologies from different eras. Some have invested heavily in traditional information exchange technologies in prior decades and built their operations on top of these technologies; others are basing their new innovations on top of modern, event-based technologies of the modern Internet era.

Regardless of the technology and its age, all these participants need to exchange information with others. If your company is using EDI standards designed in the 20th century and your counterpart uses modern API technologies, you still need to be able to communicate - and vice versa.

Using Youredi as a universal translator and communicator between business applications, you don't need to worry about the technical details. You can continue to use the protocols and data formats you are accustomed to. We will ensure that the message goes through to your trading partner - whatever language they are speaking. And when they want to communicate with you, you will get the response in the language you know.

Youredi iPaaS capabilities are available for you either as a stand-alone service serving your operational needs or it can be embedded into your own applications or services.

You don't need to change anything in your system in order to communicate. We will ensure you are always connected - with anyone, anywhere.

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Use case library

Most common customer challenges

We have collected the library of integration use cases from the Supply Chain and Logistics industries. Feel free to check it out and take the learnings to your integration projects.

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You are working in established business. For years, or possibly decades, you have been relying on proven, reliable integration technology with a vendor with whom you have well-working relationships. However, as world changes, both technically and business-wise, you need to establish data connectivity with parties you didn’t know years ago - and your current vendor doesn’t have capabilities to integrate with. You are afraid of a big change.

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iPaaS (integration platform as a service) is a faster, easier and cheaper way of connecting systems and applications to automate data flows.

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