Youredi Rapids Air Track & Trace Data Connectivity

The most efficient way to simultaneously track multiple shipments from a range of carriers directly from your system.

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Youredi Rapids Air Track & Trace Data Connectivity is a one-stop-shop for all your air freight logistics needs

Air freight is super convenient and the fastest way to deliver your cargo. However, tracking your shipments could be a nightmare, especially if you work with multiple cargo airlines. Youredi Rapids Air Track & Trace Data Connectivity automates this process, allowing you to follow the route of your goods across all the airlines with which you work. You can see all your business-critical shipment information within a single preferred application or your primary IT system—whichever works best for your business.

Relying on our service, you get complete visibility and control over transportation processes. Also, you will get the advantages inherent to the entire line of Rapids products.

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Air freight shipping is expensive but also fast and convenient. Perhaps you chose air as your preferred method because you need to deliver cargo ASAP and cannot afford shipping time delays. This is why air freight tracking is essential for you.

The Youredi Rapids Air Track & Trace Data Connectivity solution helps you with air shipment tracking. Instead of visiting the airline cargo tracking page frequently and manually entering all your electronic air waybill numbers, we will automate this process for you.

We connect you with the systems of the airlines. Based on your available e-AWB list, we provide real-time updates on your air cargo shipments. All updates will be available within a single source, making tracking much more efficient.

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Real-time T&T data delivered directly to your systems

We build connections between your systems and the ones of the airlines with which you work.

Our processes automatically fetch your waybills and use them to check the status of your air freight. You simply tell us where you want to see the air freight information, and we'll supply you with real-time data on all your shipments.

This way, you'll always know the exact status of your goods, and you'll be able to change your processes as needed.

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Air cargo has been slow catching up on digital innovation. Airlines, carriers, customs, and GHAs cannot neglect the long -awaited digital transformation any longer.

Simple actions, like moving from Cargo-IMP to Cargo-XML or implementing PLACI and ACAS compliance can have meaningful impacts. A layer of connectivity between you and your partners will also help to make information sharing and cooperation significantly more effortless. Ultimately, you will be able to dramatically transform your operations for more digital air cargo that better meets your customers' expectations.

For more details, download Youredi Rapids Air Track & Trace Data Connectivity product sheet:

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Interested in managing air cargo bookings directly from your system?

We have developed an advanced data connectivity solution that allows shippers and freight forwarders to directly manage shipments quotes and air cargo bookings from their IT systems. Would you like to learn more?

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