Youredi Rapids Ocean Track & Trace Data Connectivity

Harmonized track and trace data for all your container events delivered directly to your system.

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One-stop solution for you to track all your container events directly from your system



Youredi Rapids Ocean Track & Trace Data Connectivity is a subscription-based fully managed solution to directly get Track & Trace information into your own system and increase operational and IT efficiency. Its focus is on connecting shippers and other ocean shipping stakeholders with their carriers and 3rd parties, regardless of systems used and technical capabilities. The Track & Trace solution covers the track & trace information for all major steps of the ocean shipping journey.


Youredi Rapids Maritime Logistics, Track & Trace Data Connectivity Ocean Shipment Journey


All container status events in one place - your IT system

Reduced time for data collection through receiving container status events directly to your application or IT system via modern API. Besides finding and collecting data from one source – your IT system – you can get email notifications about possible deviations and delays.



Full automation – higher quality data

Reduce data errors by eliminating manual work and enabling process automation. Besides having no more data entry mistakes from manual data processing, you can expect data cleanse and enrichment.



No web scraping - only reliable data directly from carriers

Our solutions have zero web scraping guarantee. Meaning you get reliable and accurate data directly from your business partners (carriers) the moment they release it.

The solution is carrier-neutral. So, whether you work with top carriers such as MSC, Maersk, CMA CGM, Hapag-Lloyd, COSCO, ONE, Evergreen, Yang Ming, HMM, and ZIM, or any other carrier, you don't have to worry about data formats or interfaces your partners use — all the data will be converted, harmonized and sent to you in a format of your choice.  Also, the solution can collect the data from as many sources and endpoints as you need.


No data limitations - receive all available events

Each carrier provides its own set of status events, which vary from 5 to 500. Unlike other solutions providing T&T data, we do not limit the set. Utilizing  Youredi Rapids Ocean T&T Connectivity service, you can receive all available events.



Easy deployment - No need to change your existing system or process

Our solution is fully managed and acts as a layer between you and your partners. You don’t have to change anything in your existing IT system or deal with anyone else to make it work. The Youredi team will manage all steps from the design phase through deployment to maintenance and ensure the quality of the received data is unmatched.


Would you like to learn more about Pricing?

We offer a predictable subscription-based model that incurs a one-time setup fee and a monthly payment depending on the volume of containers you want to track monthly. Please, contact us via the request a quote form to get a price quotation for your case.


ADD-ON SERVICES and relevant product

Would you like to go one step further and have the Track & Trace data sent directly to a third party such as your customer in a specific format? Or would you like to be separately notified about specific events such as deviations from the expected process? Perhaps you want to include the sailing schedule or freight invoice exchange with the carrier to the solution, or even fully automate all processes around the Bill of Lading? 

You can do all that and more by adding advanced features to the solution.

Youredi Raids Ocean Track & Trace Data Connectivity - Extra features

DEVIATION MANAGEMENT ADD-ON - Receive rule-based important notifications timely.
Example of rule definition: if specific events happened or not, you will receive a notification via email.
Price: starting at 1
00€/month (including up to 100 notifications) 

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Discover how the Youredi Rapids Ocean Track & Trace Data Connectivity service can help you to increase the efficiency of your operations.

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