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Accelerate interconnectivity across systems and applications through your entire ecosystem


  • You have been exchanging EDIs with your customers and trading partners and all worked fine, but now some of them are asking you for APIs?
  • You are covered with EDI messages and support a lot of industry standards even, but there are no API standards for the relevant messages in your business?
  • Your team is good with EDIFACT, ANSI X12 or other EDI formats, but designing and maintaining an API including all the documentation around it is something you don't feel comfortable with?

All these might occur because more and more actors of the global logistics and supply chain sector see API as the fastest way for data exchange and an excellent way to release IT resources from EDI onboardings.

Youredi will help you with these and many more API/EDI-related challenges you might have!  Relying on us, you will be able to rapidly connect with your value chain and share information in real-time.



Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are essential building blocks to enhance the way organizations are exchanging data both internally and externally. APIs provide a means of quickly connecting you with your network to automate information flows or business processes.

Youredi provides managed full lifecycle API management services: we create, manage, and monitor your APIs. We build the API wrapper around any protocol, like HTTP, SOAP, REST, or FTP/SFTP. As your business requirements change, so does the specs of your APIs. We help you to implement the changes through versioning your APIs. 



API Management platforms are great for publishing and managing APIs so that your customers and community can easily connect to your services.

On the other hand, if you want to use APIs for more complex processes, you want to use an iPaaS, as it combines the best tools from both integration platforms and API management platforms.

iPaaS can be used for publishing APIs, consuming APIs, or building mashup API's from existing ones. In addition to API management, you'll get all the features of a complete integration platform, including tools for data transformation, validation, enrichment and transmission to any business application. iPaaS can also function as the initiating or receiving party in any integration scenario, on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid.

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The Service in Brief

Youredi API Management

Once you have described your project, our integration architects provide you with an implementation plan and following that, they develop, test, and deploy your integration solution. Also, we provide you with proactive support to ensure that all your APIs work flawlessly. 

Develop Development

The Youredi integration architects develop API solutions that best meet your specific connectivity and data exchange requirements.

Deploy Deployment

Once the API is developed and tested, our architects will move forward to deploy it into production.

Scaling Management

We manage all your APIs on your behalf, such as scaling and versioning the solutions or setting up new ones if needed.

Maintain Maintenance and Support

Our professional services and support teams take care of the maintenance and adjustments of the solutions.

Predictable Pricing

No hidden fees, no surprises. All you pay for is a one-time deployment fee (if any), monthly subscription, and support work.
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