Youredi Rapids

Efficient solutions for data connectivity and information sharing within supply chains.


off-the-shelf solutions available now: 


  • Ocean Freight Connectivity - A modern alternative to legacy booking and container-shipping platforms
  • Order2Invoice - Receive and send orders with your vendors and customers automatically without manual entry
  • eBoL Connectivity - The easiest and most cost-efficient way to connect with Electronic Bill of Lading (eBoL) platforms and service providers
  • Booking (Ocean) - A harmonized way to order all your ocean shipments directly from your system
  • Track&Trace (Air) - The most efficient way to simultaneously track multiple shipments from a range of carriers directly from your system
  • Track&Trace (Ocean) - Harmonized track and trace data for all your container events delivered directly to your system
  • Operational Vessel Schedules (Ocean) - A one-stop solution for all actors of the ocean logistics industry to improve operational efficiency
  • Carrier Emission Report Connectivity - A solution that allows logistics service providers, logistics service buyers, and LogTech software providers to access actual carbon emissions data directly from carriers

LogTech Platform Connectivity




  • Off-the-shelf solutions to address typical supply chain use cases
  • High efficiency through unique and modern technology
  • Suitable for use by end customers and LogTech software vendors
  • Fully managed service with a flat monthly charge model
  • Utilized by global leaders

Youredi RAPIDS is a set of off-the-shelf solutions enabling logistics and global supply chain stakeholders to address specific data connectivity use cases and solve data integration pain points without committing to expensive software suites or in-house development projects.

All solutions are based on our unique technology and delivered as a fully managed, cloud-based integration service.

RAPIDS offerings complement each other, and you can add functionalities and use cases as needed.

Use Cases Youredi Rapids addresses

Data Aggregation

How can data be aggregated from multiple internal and external sources and be utilized in reporting, alerting, and notifications efficiently?

Helped by Youredi Rapids, you can automate the connections between different systems, technologies, and software applications to break down data silos and aggregate vital data in one place timely.


Solutions we offer:

Youredi Rapids Track & Trace Data Connectivity (Ocean freight)

Youredi Rapids Track & Trace Data Connectivity (Air freight)



Data Quality

How can you be sure the information received from multiple sources (often external to your organization) is valid on both a technical and business level – and how do you react to incorrect data?

Youredi Rapids ensures data quality and allows transforming data to the expected standards. All your data will be in the right shape and meet the required standards.

Extending the functionality of your IT system

Extending your main IT system (TMS, TOS, etc.) by integrating functionalities from external applications or configuring some of the functionality as a part of Youredi iPaaS solution.


Solutions we offer:

Youredi Rapids Order2invoice Data Connectivity

Youredi Rapids eBoL Solution Connectivity

Rapids Operational Vessel Schedules


Enhancing partner integration

Enhancing partner integration to heterogeneous partner interfaces, including EDI messaging, in-house formats, and API interfaces.

A new technological component, Youredi Rapids Service Bus, will integrate different participants - whether utilizing synchronous or asynchronous messaging - easily and efficiently.


Solutions we offer:

Youredi Rapids Track & Trace Data Connectivity (Ocean freight)

Youredi Rapids Track & Trace Data Connectivity (Air freight)

Youredi Rapids Ocean Booking Data Connectivity

Logistics Service Providers (LSP) Data Connectivity for OTM Users

Data Connectivity Service For Turvo TMS Users

All solutions in the RAPIDS line are cloud-based and provided as fully managed cloud-based integration services. They all have a form of a layer added to clients' existing systems. Meaning, whether you have cloud systems, apps, or legacy systems that remain common in the global ocean shipping industry, you need not change it to enjoy the benefits RAPIDS solutions provide.

Youredi iPaaS

the technology behind Youredi Rapids

Youredi RAPIDS solutions are based on our unique iPaaS (integration platform-as-a-service) technology complemented by new components, such as the Youredi RAPIDS Service Bus, Common Carrier Layer (CCL), and EDI Translator.

Whereas Youredi iPaaS allows working with various data formats, standards, and interfaces, the RAPIDS Service Bus, CCL, and EDI Translator enable scalable and reliable message exchange between different organizations or data sources.

Combined, these technologies ensure the reliability of RAPIDS solutions regardless of possible data volumes or workload.


Key Features of Youredi RAPIDS

Wonder How RAPIDS offerings differ from Youredi's enterprise solutions?

Laser Sharp

Each RAPIDS solution precisely focuses on a specific pain point that most efficiently addresses data connectivity and information sharing issues.

Fully Managed

The service is fully managed, meaning we will take care of the entire process from the design phase through deployment to maintenance.

Cost efficient

We offer a subscription model that implies a one-time setup fee and a monthly payment that depends on the service's usage for all RAPIDS solutions.


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