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A turn-key integration service to connect your Transportation Management System (TMS) with ISO's API

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About Isometric Technologies (ISO)

Isometric Technologies (ISO) is a leading provider of Transportation Performance Intelligence, which offers a comprehensive platform that enables shippers, brokers, and carriers to accurately measure the total cost of transportation. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, ISO empowers organizations in the transportation industry to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

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Why Choose ISO?

A cutting-edge platform that allows you to measure the total costs of your transportation service

Are you a freight broker looking to enhance your Transportation Performance Intelligence?  ISO's Transportation Performance Intelligence platform empowers freight brokers to precisely measure service-level performance across their carrier networks. With ISO, you can expect the following: 


Unparalleled Visibility

Unparalleled visibility into carrier performance, elevating your carrier vetting and analysis processes.

Industry Benchmarking Benchmark service levels against the rest of the industry through ISO's first-of-its-kind performance index.
Total Cost Measurement

Accurately measure the total cost of transportation to make informed decisions and optimize your operations.

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Experience the future of Transportation Performance Intelligence with the Youredi ISO Integration Service

As an official integration partner, Youredi unlocks a seamless integration with ISO's API. We provide ISO customers with an out-of-the-box, streamlined integration path that allows them to connect their systems of record, including any Transportation Management System (TMS), to the ISO API for efficient shipment-related data flows.

Youredi, a leading provider of fully managed data-integration services, brings extensive expertise in connecting stakeholders in the global trade, logistics, and supply chain domains. This alliance between ISO and Youredi revolutionizes how broker clients access and leverage data, paving the way for more efficient transportation management.


Efficient Integrations Youredi's state-of-the-art iPaaS technology ensures efficient integration with various user companies' preferred formats or data transmission technologies.  
Enhanced Connectivity Youredi is embedded as an additional connectivity partner in ISO's suite, offering clients flexibility and efficiency regardless of their technical capabilities or current TMS solution.  
Fast Deployment The joint offering significantly reduces deployment time, allowing clients to quickly access and leverage the features of the ISO platform.  

Customer Success Story

Youredi has already delivered streamlined connectivity to mutual customers, including Best Bay Logistics. By connecting Best Bay Logistics to the ISO Platform within weeks, Youredi facilitated a faster time to value with the ISO suite of solutions.

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