Rapids Operational Vessel Schedules

Youredi Rapids Operational Vessel Schedules

A One-stop Solution For All Actors Of The Ocean Logistics Industry To Improve Operational Efficiency.

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Rapids Operational Vessel Schedules

A one-stop solution for carriers, terminal operators, ports, freight forwarders, and vessel sharing agreement (VSA) stakeholders to improve operational efficiency.

Rapids Operational Vessel Schedules is a subscription-based fully managed solution aiming to increase the efficiency of the ocean logistics industry actors’ shipping operations by enabling automatic sharing of updated vessel schedule data between carriers and the parties dependent on that information.

This solution is ideal for terminal operators, ports, Vessel Sharing Agreement (VSA) partners and freight forwarders wanting to increase the efficiency of their operational activities, as well as for carriers looking for better transparency and interoperability with partners.

The benefits you can expect utilizing Rapids Operational Vessel Schedules

Whether you are a carrier, freight forwarder, or terminal operator, Youredi’s Rapids Vessel Schedules is a cost-saving solution allowing you to increase productivity, achieve a better customer experience, and reduce the impact on the environment.

Key benefits for:

Terminal operators, ports, freight forwarders and VSA carriers

  • Improve your planning and optimize operational activities by utilizing accurate and timely delivered data on a vessel’s arrival or departure time and date.
  • Achieve better visibility to service customers.
  • Receive Vessel Schedules’ latest updates in the format and timeline digestible for your IT system instead
    of large files in many different legacy formats often causing system crashes and overload.
Key benefits for:


  • Become DCSA standard-compliant without changing your existing IT system, original data standard/format, or data integration platform.
  • Digitalize and automate your vessel schedules to share it automatically in real-time with partners to get benefits such as reduced berth waiting time, vessel capacity optimization and quicker turnaround, terminal handling fee reduction, and fuel savings.
  • Share vital data with your customers in an efficient way to improve customer service and user experience.

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Rapids Vessel Schedules is a cloud-based solution that aggregates, harmonizes, and analyses carriers’ schedules from various different formats, to make them DCSA standard-compliant and digestible for the stakeholders’ IT systems.

As an internal data standard for the solution, we use the DCSA VS1 format, which allows publishing data digitally and providing the stakeholders with easier digital access to the Vessel Schedules data via an API.


Whatever message format the carrier uses to publish their Vessel Schedules, our solution automatically transforms it to the DCSA compliant format and translates it digitally to the parties interested in receiving this data. Terminal operators, VSA Partners, and freight forwarders, in their turn, can subscribe to the service per carrier to automatically receive Vessel Schedules or status updates as needed.

If your system already handles the relation between specific containers and vessels, the solution also enables container-level track and trace.

KEY FEATURES OF the solution

As a leading provider of data integration solutions for logistics and the global supply chain, Youredi’s team has extensive experience in data connectivity and management. Our solutions are based on the unique Youredi iPaaS platform that is capable of working with various data formats, standards, and interfaces.

Fully managed service The service is fully managed, meaning we will take care of the whole process from the design phase through deployment to maintenance, including the onboarding of all stakeholders. Neither do you have to invest in in-house integration technology or the IT staff required to operate it.  
no changes to your existing IT system are required The solution we provide is entirely cloud-based and has a form of a layer added to clients’ existing systems, whether it is cloud systems, apps, or legacy systems, that are quite common in the global ocean shipping industry. Utilizing Operational Rapids Vessel Schedules, you do not need to make any changes to your existing solutions and can continue using data standard and format convenient for your operations.  
Predictable pricing We offer a subscription model that implies a one-time setup fee and a monthly payment that depends on the usage of the service. The Youredi Rapids Operational Vessel Schedules is a modular service that grows with your needs. You decide on the number of different schedules to subscribe to and the frequency of updates.  
Rapids Operational Vessel Schedules


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