The idea of integrations is not revolutionary. The way we do it is. Our teams develop, deploy and maintain all your integrations whether you need simple API connectivity or a complex B2B integration solution across a number of trading partners.

World-class design, implementation and operations

Youredi solutions are versatile, reliable and fully managed integration services transferring and transforming information between different business applications, organizations, and continents.
Data integration and connectivity solutions for Transportation Management Systems (TMS).

Enhance Your TMS’ Connectivity Ecosystem With Youredi’s Managed iPaaS.

We provide the managed data integration service to strengthen, not compete with, your system. Youredi iPaaS is a cloud-based integration platform designed for reliable information exchange between different business systems. Systems can be located on-premise or in the cloud, in various organizations, and provide different interfaces and use diverse data types. The technology we use can connect old and new worlds (e.g., EDIFACT and API).

Helped by Youredi iPaaS, you can easily extend your ecosystem with new connections and partners, expand the domain or geographies of your operations, connect any business partner to your ecosystem regardless of the technology or data formats utilized, or outsource your integrations and stay focused on your core competencies.

Whatever your business goals are, Youredi's iPaaS solution enables you to reach those goals most efficiently!

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Ocean Logistics / the Maritime Industry

Data integration solutions enable the digitalization of the maritime industry across ports, terminals and shipping lines.

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Transportation Logistics

Better connectivity and information sharing can help logistics providers, like 3PLs, 4PLs, rail and road transportation companies, and warehouses to overcome their inefficiencies by streamlining their processes.

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Air Cargo

Youredi helps airlines to validate and enrich all air waybills automatically.

Airlines receive hundreds of thousands of air waybills monthly by working closely with freight forwarders, cargo community systems (CCSs), ground handlers, and sales agents. Often, those documents contain many errors or even lack specific mandatory information. To ensure the received air waybills are error-free and provide all vital information, airlines need to establish a validation process. However, this is often entirely manual and cumbersome.

Youredi's data connectivity solution for e-AWB validation overcomes the burden of manually correcting false or missing information in waybills.

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Supply Chain Integration

Information is the lifeblood of modern supply chain management. Supply chain integration pulls your stakeholders out of their data silos to support interconnected and interdependent supply chains.

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Retail Integration

Data integration solutions help to optimize your processes and streamline your operations so that you can always deliver a first-class customer experience.

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Managed Integration Service


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Our solutions are based on our own, world-class integration technology, Youredi iPaaS. However, we believe that platforms will live their own lives and customers will get most out of the platforms by having an expert team running them together with the customer.

Our expert team is there to help you from the very beginning - the architecture and solution planning, towards solution implementation, and into operations. We believe in building together - you are the expert in your business, we are the experts turning your requirements into efficient integration solutions and running them 24/7.

If your organization holds knowledge about building integration solutions, you can also create or manage solutions yourself using Youredi iPaaS  – or we can build a model where we will combine our knowledge in an optimal way.

We are striving for quality in everything we do - and our managed integration solutions are the way you can benefit from our attention to detail.

Ebook - Inside The iPaaS

Download our ebook to gain a thorough understanding of iPaaS technology and why it's the ultimate tool for your integration needs.

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We know integration in supply chain and logistics scenarios

The technology on top of which we are building our integration solutions is horizontal. It can be utilized in a variety of scenarios and industries. It is especially suitable for business-to-business integration in supply chain and logistics scenarios - and the know-how we have gathered in building these solutions is at your exposal.

Supply Chain and Logistics Knowledge


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Integration is all about exchanging information between different business applications and organizations. All the solutions are different, and a flexible integration solution is a requirement to optimize the processes across the supply chain. Regardless of the mode, the process - whether about sharing orders, order confirmations or shipment status updates - we know how to build these integrations. Over land, sea or air, Youredi can help you to share the vital information between shippers and BCO's, freight forwarders, carriers and 3rd parties.

You may be an established player in the industry or a newcomer providing new business solutions to help supply chain and logistics to improve their efficiency. Your systems may talk traditional EDI (EDIFACT, X12 or something else) or you may provide your services via modern event-based APIs.

In all cases, you need to be able to automatize your information exchange with the industry. Youredi is the expert in this information bridging. It doesn't matter whether you talk EDI, XML, JSON, One Record documents or DCSA events. You may communicate in batches or via real-time APIs. We can always connect you with others – translating your messages with the surrounding world.


What makes us the leading integration service provider for Supply Chain and Logistics?


Our offering is based on the best integration technology combined with industry expertise, leading into the fastest implementation times in the industry.


A combination of our own technology, business understanding and ability to adjust to our customers' development processes are together with our understanding of agility.

Cloud first

Our technology and solutions are built for cloud from the beginning in order to ensure fast onboarding and top performance anywhere in the world.


You don't need to worry about technological bottlenecks - our scalable and robust technology can adjust to any workload regardless of volumes.


You are never left alone with your integration challenges. We help you at all stages from initial business planning, through implementation, into operations.


You don't need to trust just our word. The industry references are proof that we do deliver.


Discover our technology

Youredi Integration Platform as-a-Service (iPaaS)
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Use case library

Most common customer challenges

We have collected the library of integration use cases typical for logistics and the global supply chain. Feel free to check it out and take the learnings to your integration projects.

Why build the integrations to your platform – focus on your core business

You have a great idea of a new service that solves some of the hard problems of the industry. However, full implementation of the solution requires seamless, automated information exchange with numerous external parties - which is a hard problem by itself. You need to focus on creating your core solution, but simultaneously enable integration to possibly hundreds of external endpoints.

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Building new business opportunities with new integrations

You are working in established business. For years, or possibly decades, you have been relying on proven, reliable integration technology with a vendor with whom you have well-working relationships. However, as world changes, both technically and business-wise, you need to establish data connectivity with parties you didn’t know years ago - and your current vendor doesn’t have capabilities to integrate with. You are afraid of a big change.

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Automation, automation & automation. Remove manuals tasks ASAP!

You have established your business and acquired a set of IT applications to support your operations. These applications work in different environments - some are on-premise applications, others SaaS solutions. In order to run your processes, you need to move information between the applications, and spend a lot of time to copy-paste information, occasionally manually modifying the data as you go. Your processes are slow and error-prone.

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