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Jaakko Elovaara Youredi CEO


Jaakko is the CEO and co-founder of Youredi, and drives the company’s strategy and execution. Jaakko has two decades experience in the software business industry in North America, EMEA and APAC. Prior to Youredi, Jaakko has worked in global sales and management positions at IBM, Microsoft, Basware, Itella and Fujitsu. Jaakko holds a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration from the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration.

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Sami Tähtinen CTO Youredi


Sami is the CTO and co-founder of Youredi, and responsible of Youredi’s R&D, customer and partner solution development, and technical operations. Sami has been working with different systems integration solutions since 2000. Before Youredi, Sami has been working in different technical, architecture, and sales positions at Frends Technology, CCC Corporation and QPR Software. Sami holds a Master of Science in Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology.

Sami Tähtinen Youredi CTO Sami Tähtinen CTO Youredi



Head of Global Operations and Support


Kai is responsible for developing and the running of global operations and support at Youredi. Kai has 15+ years of global experience in the software and service industry in multicultural business environment. Before Youredi, Kai worked at Basware where he was inspirational in setting up their global support business. He was involved in many aspects of the operation over his career, from hands-on technical 3rd line support, to managing and directing of 1st-3rd line service desk/support operations worldwide.

Kai Morri Youredi





Head of Professional Services 


Ari is responsible for running and developing professional services operations at Youredi. Ari has been working with intra- and inter-company integrations since 1999. Prior to Youredi, Ari worked in different technical, management and architecture positions at Frends Technology, Itella, HiQ - and also ran his own ICT consultancy business for couple of years just before joining Youredi. Ari holds a Master of Science in Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology.

Ari Haapaniemi Youredi



Head of R&D 


Mike leads the technical team at Youredi that is responsible for research and development of new products and technologies to ensure the continuous improvment of our existing services. Mike has been in the IT industry since 1998 and has worked in several different roles in web and traditional software development across private and public sectors, within large corporations and small software houses, and across a range of industries and organizations. Mike's experience spans Software Development, IT Project Management, Development Team Management, Data and Database Management, IT Systems Analysis, IT Infrastructure and Architecture.

Mike Flavell Youredi




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Youredi is a privately owned company, backed by private investors including First Fellow, Magnolia Ventures and KG Ventures. Youredi co-operates with Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. Tekes supports the best and most unique innovations.