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Andrei Radchenko 07.07.2020 14 min read

DCSA Track & Trace standards: new opportunities for carriers, freight forwarders and other service providers

Nowadays, timely delivered and error-free data is the key to success for companies ...
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Jaakko Elovaara 23.06.2020 10 min read

Replacing EDI VAN (value added network)

Would you buy a 1985 Volvo 240 today for your daily commute? Probably not. No offence, ...
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Sami Tähtinen 09.06.2020 9 min read

Do you want to build your own hammers?

It’s interesting to live in the integration space between modern and legacy business ...
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Jere Kolehmainen 26.05.2020 6 min read

The importance of integration capabilities for logistic and supply chain aggregators

An aggregator refers to a networking e-commerce business model, where an intermediary ...
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Jaakko Elovaara 19.05.2020 7 min read

The pros and cons of a subscription-based business model

Firstly, I hope you are all safe and healthy. What a winter and spring it has been, ...
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Sami Tähtinen 05.05.2020 6 min read

iPaaS is an iPaaS – or is it?

There are a lot of iPaaS vendors out there to select your integration platform from. To a ...
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Sami Tähtinen 17.12.2019 7 min read

Modern EDI Part 2

This is the second part of our blog describing the changing landscape of EDI. In the ...
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Sami Tähtinen 17.12.2019 11 min read

Modern EDI Part 1

EDI is extremely important for global business, as it automatizes workflows of the global ...
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Samuli Soini and Jere Kolehmainen 19.11.2019 9 min read

How To Excel In Your Next Integration Project?

The need for integrations is continually increasing when companies expand their system ...
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Barbara Babati 10.10.2019 20 min read

How Data Integration Improves Supply Chain Performance?

A new study by ToolsGroup and Spinnaker revealed that only 7% of companies are realizing ...
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Barbara Babati 25.09.2019 14 min read

Legacy System Integration

In a lot of our articles, we’ve been talking about legacy systems. Still, we have never ...
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Barbara Babati 11.07.2019 16 min read

Why Freight Tech Companies Use Data Integrations to Gain Strategic Advantage

Today, FreightTech companies are in the focus of logistics publications, events, and ...
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