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Why Freight Tech Companies Use Data Integrations to Gain Strategic Advantage
Today, FreightTech companies are in the focus of logistics publications, events, and conferences. While it’s still a niche space, it shouldn’t be...
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A Guide to the Hybrid Integration Platform
Hybrid integration is claiming a more significant role in how organizations connect and share information with their trading partners. Ever since...
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The Impact of IT System Integration Solutions on Organizations and Processes in the Container Shipping Industry Part 2: Process Design
Written by Dr. Rolf Neise, Senior Lecturer at the International School of Management (ISM) and business consultant, former Global Head of Logistics...
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The Impact of IT on Container Shipping
System and data integration solutions on organization and processes By Dr. Rolf Neise, Senior Lecturer at the International School of Management...
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Do We Need Data Standards or Data Transformation Technology?
Recently, standardization has been a hot topic in the container shipping industry. Organizations, like UN/CEFACT and the Digital Container Shipping...
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10 Great Hybrid Integration Platforms in 2019
Integration platforms (iPaaS) and hybrid integration platforms (HIP) have started to become extremely popular during the last few years to accelerate...
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EDI Translation and EDI Validation
EDI translation and EDI validation are essential components of EDI integration. While EDI as a technology has been present for over five decades, the...
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The Benefits of Cloud EDI
Still today, EDI is critical for businesses. B2B integrations add a layer of efficiency to operations by simplifying trading partner communications....
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The Ins and Outs of EDI Software
While software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service EDI providers and managed EDI services are becoming more common, sometimes, you just can’t avoid...
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Bridging the Connectivity Gap: EDI & API
As an integration provider, we get a lot of requests around EDI (electronic data interchange). It’s only natural. Not just because the word ‘EDI’ is...
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10 Awesome EDI Managed Services Providers
Perhaps you’ve come across our ‘25 Great EDI Service Providers’ article, and now you are wondering what’s the difference.   While that article was a...
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EDI Pricing
We get quote requests for EDI pricing daily. It is not a surprise. EDI providers typically lack transparency in terms of what you are going to pay...
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