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Data Connectivity and Machine Learning for Supply Chain: Adopting Innovative Solutions for Efficient Demand Forecasting and Planning

Youredi and Transmetrics invite you to an engaging and insightful webinar titled "Data Connectivity and Machine Learning for Supply Chain: Adopting Innovative Solutions for Efficient Demand Forecasting and Planning." This webinar is designed to provide you with valuable knowledge and strategies to tackle the challenges faced by freight forwarders, and other stakeholders of the global supply chain and logistics domain, in accurately forecasting and planning demand.

During this session, Youredi’s Head of Business Development Geesche Laksola and Transmetrics’ Chief Growth Officer Dimitar Pavlov will share their extensive experience and insights, covering a wide range of topics related to logistics demand forecasting and planning. Here's a closer look at what you can expect:

  • Challenges and Complexity: Gain deep insights into the specific challenges faced by the logistics industry when it comes to demand forecasting and planning. Our speakers will shed light on real-world scenarios, providing you with valuable perspectives and solutions.
  • Leveraging AI-Based Solutions: Discover how cutting-edge AI technologies, including machine learning, are revolutionizing logistics demand forecasting and planning. Transmetrics' experts will showcase their state-of-the-art solutions, known for their industry-leading accuracy and efficiency.

  • The Power of Reliable Data and Seamless Integration: Understand the critical role of reliable data in enabling effective machine learning. Explore the common challenges encountered in the supply chain and logistics data world and learn how to overcome them. Our speakers will provide valuable insights and strategies for data quality, accuracy, and seamless integration.

  • Enhancing Logistics with Data Connectivity: Witness practical examples of how data connectivity solutions can significantly enhance demand forecasting and planning in the logistics industry. Youredi's extensive portfolio will be showcased, demonstrating the transformative power of seamless integration of data sources and systems.

  • Selecting the Right Technology Partner: Discover how Transmetrics and Youredi can serve as your trusted technology partners, helping you unlock the full potential of advanced capabilities in logistics demand forecasting and planning. Gain a competitive edge and optimize your operations by leveraging their expertise.

Join us for this insightful webinar and equip yourself with the latest industry trends, best practices, and innovative solutions.


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Geesche Laksola

VP, Head of Business Development, Youredi

Geesche Laksola is the Head of Business Development at Youredi and drives the commercial development of our services according to customers' needs. She has a 10-year of experience working with business development, sales, and partner management from the Logistics SaaS industry and has prior to that worked within Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Before joining Youredi, Geesche worked in different roles at companies such as Unifaun, Memnon Networks, and Itella/Posti.

DP tr
 Dimitar Pavlov 
 Chief Growth Officer, Transmetrics 

Dimitar Pavlov is a logistics industry expert with strong technology and data analytics skills. With international experience and a background in account management, sales, and international transport. Prior to joining Transmetrics in 2017 he held positions at LKW Walter in Vienna, Austria, and also worked for the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Bulgaria.


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