Air Freight: Youredi's data connectivity solution for Air Waybill validation

Enhance the quality of air waybills without manual work

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Youredi helps airlines to validate and enrich all air waybills automatically

Airlines receive hundreds of thousands of air waybills monthly by working closely with freight forwarders, cargo community systems (CCSs), ground handlers, and sales agents. Often, those documents contain many errors or even lack specific mandatory information. To ensure the received air waybills are error-free and provide all vital information, airlines need to establish a validation process. However, this is often entirely manual and cumbersome.

Youredi's data connectivity solution for e-AWB validation overcomes the burden of manually correcting false or missing information in waybills.

Removing manual intervention from the air waybills validation process

The manual air waybill validation requires a dedicated labor force and long hours before all incoming messages are scanned for errors and missing fields. Plus, manual validation itself is error-prone; humans are bound to make mistakes eventually.

To help airlines improve the quality of air waybills and speed up the whole process, we have developed a solution that enables airlines to validate all air waybills automatically — without human intervention.


Automate your air waybills validation routine

The solution checks all air waybills against your business rules. In case of possible errors or lack of critical information, it sends notifications to your service desk or any other agreed point of contact. Also, if needed, the solution can echo back the invalid AWB to the sender with a request to provide the missing pieces of information and keep you updated with notifications unless the AWB is enriched and fully satisfies your requirements. Alternatively, a set of rules (or AI element) can be deployed to fix the issue automatically and notify you and your business partner about the problem.

Download our product sheet to learn more about the solution:

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