Aller Media

Case Study

Customer application integrations quickly and reliably

Aller had a CRM integration challenge: they wanted to launch a new aggregate service with large transaction volumes and many integrated systems.  

When Juha Kuokka, Director of Production at Aller Media, came across Youredi's integration services he was instantly convinced. He understood that their integration projects and production could be re-arranged in a new and cost-effective way.


Verified scalability

Aller uses the Youredi integration platform in order to unify the management of their Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer information and self-service portal user information. The result of this collaboration is dubbed "Oma Aller": a self-service portal that gives customers the opportunity to see and change their personal information and service subscriptions.

"Youredi definitely proved its service scalability."

Youredi ensures that customer information traverses flawlessly between the self-service portal, CRM system and subscription management. Automation of information exchange will minimize manual data entry, reduce errors and increase speed. 

"The service migration project frightened us a little bit, because the amount of transferred data was enormous. But we were positively surprised; the project was completed smoothly and in record time", Kuokka says. 

In addition to scalability, an innovative concept interested Kuokka: Youredi's cloud-based integration service enables a whole new level of transparency and this is a vital detail when business critical information moves between different services.

"Thanks to Youredi we are now able to see what is happening and where it is happening."

Integration made by professionals

Kuokka says that Youredi's biggest strength is its' ground-breaking knowledge in the integration field. The service is designed to be transparent, reliable and cost-effective but Kuokka especially appreciates the modular and re-usable design. 

"We think that is a good thing that these integrations weren't tailored just for us. Integrations with generic components are easier to launch and their life cycle is longer", Kuokka states. 

By choosing the Microsoft Azure based Youredi integration platform Aller Media was also able to a avoid massive in-house integration project. Now instead of paying investment costs they have a fixed monthly payment. 


Integration made easy

The increase of digitalization creates pressures in all businesses and forces companies towards simpler thinking. Instead of having several services for different purposes, companies need to integrate services to each other in an effective and linear way. Youredi integration technology makes this possible for any company, big or small.

"I can honestly say that Youredi is a wise choice."

"I can recommend Youredi for all those responsible for data management. My project was executed fast, costs were low and everyone knew what they were doing all the time", Kuokka says.