Automate your routines

The most fundamental use case of integration is to enable automation when transferring information between different applications.


You have established your business and acquired a set of IT applications to support your operations. These applications work in different environments - some are on-premise applications, others SaaS solutions. In order to run your processes, you need to move information between the applications, and spend a lot of time to copy-paste information, occasionally manually modifying the data as you go. Your processes are slow and error-prone.



Youredi is designed to automate information flows between applications. These applications can be located in your own data center, they may be SaaS services, or they can be even owned and operated by your vendors, clients, or business partners. By providing an extensive set of protocol adapters and tools for transforming messages between any format utilized by different applications, Youredi is able to integrate your heterogeneous solutions. As Youredi iPaaS is a managed service, you don’t need to worry about technical details - but can rest assured that everything happens automatically.



After the information exchange between disparate applications is automated, you find out that your business processes run faster and with less errors. Your customers are welcoming the change in your speed and quality, and you can use your time to improve and grow your business through innovation as you don’t need to spend time on trivial manual tasks