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Ari Haapaniemi

Ari Haapaniemi

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How To Use Internet of Things in Supply Chain Management
The term 'Internet of Things' (IoT) has been a part of every self-respecting consultant's vocabulary in the recent years. Despite this, it, in fact,...
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The 3 Secrets Of Successful ERP Integration Using iPaaS
 The key purpose of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems is to digitalize and facilitate the automation of business processes to increase...
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Overcoming The Biggest Supply Chain Challenges
Lack of visibility and control– these are the two first points on each supply chain managers’ list of complaints when you ask about their biggest...
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What To Look For In An EDI Service
What is an electronic data interchange service? What does EDI even mean? I’ve been forced to think about such questions quite often lately. It seems...
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5 Critical Rules Of Supply Chain Integration
In order for a business to flourish, it must achieve supply chain optimization. This means the various functions of the physical supply chain must...
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EAI Integrations
No matter whether you do integration from the cloud or on-premises the basic requirement is the same: automate parts or complete business processes,...
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