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B2B Supply Chain Integration
Many think that supply chains are more digitally connected then they are in reality. The industry is still lacking vital B2B supply chain...
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How does iPaaS architecture support complex B2B integrations?
Essentially integrations are pieces of software. Depending on the integration technology you’re using, your integrations may look different from a...
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iPaaS for B2B integrations
I remember when I joined Youredi and I didn’t have much clue of what an iPaaS exactly was or how it could be used for business cases. The answer from...
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Why you need B2B Integrations?
We have been writing a series of blogs on EDI which is essentially a synonym for business-to-business integrations. We never, however, asked the...
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19 Questions to Ask to Find the Best Integration Platform
Selling data and system integration is a long process. Along the way, future customers have a variety of questions they need answers for before they...
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5 Things That Distinguish Our Integration Platform From Others
When selecting an integration platform, it may be quite difficult to compare different vendors’ product portfolios. After all, the majority of the...
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Will Data Integration Save the Ocean Shipping Industry?
There are quite many articles written on the challenges that the maritime industry is facing. The Economic Crisis of 2008 has left its mark on the...
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How our customers benefit from iPaaS?
iPaaS is replacing old incumbent data integration software solutions in many industries. We see this happening with accelerating the pace in our...
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5 Elements to Include When Crafting an Integration Strategy
I’ve been recently going through a lot of data integration strategies from different firms – some of our customers that were kind enough to share it...
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iPaaS Equals Fast Development and Deployment
I did my first data integrations in the late 90’s. It was just some simple scripts for an IRC bot, that pulled data from the internet request and...
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5 Ways iPaaS Supports Your Data Integration Strategy
We have previously given you tips for developing a future-ready data integration strategy. If you missed this blog, be sure to click on the link and...
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What data formats does iPaaS support?
  For some time now, we’ve seen that a lot of people that are coming to us think that we only support EDIFACT as ‘EDI’ is spelled out in our name....
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