Procountor Integration for Dream Factory

Case Study

Dream Factory Transfers Sales Invoices Automatically

Dream Factory is a Finnish Media Agency specializing in event management and design. Dream Factory has been creating hundreds of events for its enterprise customers all around Europe and Finland.

As many other Finnish and Nordic companies, Dream Factory is using Finago’s Procountor, an electronic financial management system. Accountor Finago is part of Accountor Group's SME Software business. The software of the Finago product family is used in over 2 500 accounting offices and in 120 000 companies in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.


Why did Dream Factory need Youredi’s help?

While Procountor is an easy-to-use software and has hundreds of thousands of users, the submission of sales invoices to Procountor happens manually from business management or ERP systems. This is not a problem when one needs to deal with a small number of invoices, but once the volumes are high, manual submission becomes tedious.

To speed up and automate the transmission of sales invoices, Dream Factory reached out to Youredi, an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) provider, specializing in connecting systems and transferring data of any format.

Dream Factory uses Scoro, an all-in-one business management software that helps teams to cooperate better, manage projects more efficiently, and track sales.


How Youredi automated the process?

Youredi takes the sales invoices from Scoro to Procountor. During the transfer, our integration logic also translates the format of the invoices to Procountor’s preferred format so that the financial management software can understand it.

While it sounds simple, our integration architects had to tackle several challenges. First, we needed to create a connection between the Procountor software and the API offered by Scoro. While Scoro provides its users with a modern API, a single API call did not return all the data we needed to deliver flawless and complete sales invoices to Procountor.

To overcome this issue, we needed to tweak our integration solution. The resulting implementation works as follows:

First, we gather a list of all new invoices. Once that is done, the integration solution retrieves all new individual invoices one by one from the Scoro API. After that, a few additional API calls are made to get all the necessary information, such as customer information and contact details, as well as product and invoice row-level information related to the invoice. All of these steps are necessary for submitting the correct data to Procountor.

In addition to this highly customized solution needed for the data transformation, Youredi, of course, did the “basic” things such as mapping invoice fields of the source (Scoro) format to the target (Procountor) format, implementing authentication & authorization to both APIs and scheduling the integration to automatically run at regular intervals.


Why did Dream Factory choose Youredi’s Procountor Integration?

Dream Factory understood that automatizing the submission of sales invoices to Procountor can save them a lot of time. They freed themselves from the burden of time-consuming manual data entry that is not only slow but also error-prone. Now, they can rest assured that all invoices are delivered to Procountor in real-time without missing any crucial information.

Additionally, Dream Factory didn’t have an internal IT team that would have been able to build an integration between the Score and Procountor systems.

Instead, using Youredi’s iPaaS, the Scoro-Procountor integration for Dream Factory was done within just days, for a fragment of the typical price of integrations. In addition to having a connection between Scoro and Procountor, Youredi’s offers support for the solution to ensure that the invoices are transmitted on-time.

Marjo Mattson, the owner of Dream Factory, added:

“Finding Youredi was great! Once we have given all the details, Youredi’s integration architect quickly built a connection between Scoro and Procountor so that the information can flow automatically in real-time. Now we are transferring accurate information to Procountor, while we can focus on growing our business and deliver spectacular corporate events.”

As all Dream Factory’s invoices are now moving automatically from the Scoro business management system to cloud-based Procountor’s financial management software, they can simply continue developing their core business instead of administrative tasks. Without the hassle of continually submitting sales invoices manually to Procountor, from now on Dream Factory can operate more efficiently, and use their time to focus on what they do the best: delivering outstanding event experiences to their customers.


About Dream Factory 

Dream Factory is a Finnish Media Agency founded in 2000. Dream Factory has planned and organized hundreds of different company events around Europe and Finland. The company is an expert in visual design, decoration, stage planning and setups, interior design, and creating compelling events integrating all their different skills. Whether it’s a company event, conference stand, exhibition, or office space, they provide customized services planned and realized based on the customers’ expectations.

Dream Factory understands that every event represents the customer’s brand, therefore they emphasize quality in all their work.

For Dream Factory, every event is a one-of-a-kind visual journey. Their overall goal is to create a visual experience that communicates the customers’ brand the best to the outsiders.