US Top 10 Digital Freight Forwarder Serving the Truckload Segment Leverages Real-Time Data to Provide Best Carrier Rates to Shippers

Case Study

US Top 10 Digital Freight Forwarder Serving the Truckload Segment Leverages Real-Time Data to Provide Best Carrier Rates to Shippers


About the company

The case company provides a digital booking platform specialized in automating the truckload booking process for Fortune 100 shippers. By pairing instant pricing and one-click booking with guaranteed capacity, it fundamentally changes the way the trucking industry operates. The company provides its services by integrating directly with the customer's transportation management system (TMS) for enterprise shippers. Using the digital platform the company provides, customers can then get instant access to the best rate for their shipment, while carriers benefit from demand aggregated across the company's network of shippers.


The Challenge

Data shows that trucking moves 71% of all freight in North America, yet, the trucking industry has been slow to digitize its processes to unlock operational efficiencies.

Automating the communication between all the parties (shippers, carriers, brokers, financial institutions, etc.) has been a daunting task for the industry for several decades. Today, trading partners are still exchanging business documents such as bookings, booking confirmations, appointment confirmations, shipment status updates, and invoices, using EDI standards such as ANSI X12 and EDIFACT. Each party utilizes its own EDI formats and systems convenient for their operations, and they want to continue to leverage these. This leads to an enormous number of EDI dialects existing today within the industry. Moreover, the EDI messages are typically transferred over various transport protocols, including (but not limited to) AS2, SFTP, FTP, and VAN networks.

The case company needed to cope with these challenges to ensure a reliable real-time data exchange between shippers and carriers utilizing the platform :

  • A wide variety of different systems and applications using traditional business processes adopted by the industry
  • Different EDI 'dialects'
  • Different transport protocols
  • Interoperability with its customers' standing processes
  • The question was whether the company would utilize its internal development resources or leverage a data integration partner to create the connectivity for communications.


The Solution

To overcome all those challenges, the company chose Youredi's fully managed data integration service. The service is based on Youredi iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service), allowing creating and maintaining connectivity for both modern API-based applications the case company is developing and traditional EDI solutions (regardless of versions, data formats, or transfer protocols) widely used by shippers and carriers today.

Besides providing the technology vital for managing and establishing the connections between the case company and its clients, the service implies specialized professional services resources responsible for the development, onboarding, and support of the connections built between the booking platform and shippers and carriers utilizing it.

As Youredi provides a turnkey service, the case company could focus on developing the key capabilities that differentiate the platform from the market.


The Benefits

Partnering with Youredi, the case company ensures quick and flexible EDI connectivity, allowing it to act rapidly according to its customers' demands and providing them with real-time, top-quality data.

The CTO of the company explained: "For large shippers, the quality of the service we provide is the top priority. We must be able to act quickly, according to shipper demand, and we need to keep the shippers informed about everything that is happening with their shipment. Because of this, reliable, quick and flexible EDI connectivity is a must for our organization."

Moreover, the case company focused its internal resources on developing its core services (a digital booking platform), while Youredi took care of the complex communications required to connect carriers and shippers' systems with the platform.

As a result, the company is fully focused on the continuous development of the platform based on its customers' needs instead of constantly addressing integration challenges related to inevitable API updates and changing platform interfaces.

"As we are continuously developing our solution based on our customers' needs, our technology platform and the interfaces it provides are also constantly changing. Working with Youredi, we know that inevitable API updates will not affect our customers and partners, as we can coordinate the changes together. This frees us to focus on the thing we are best in – providing the best possible technology to our customers." said the CTO of the case company.


About Youredi 

Youredi is the leading provider of fully managed data integration services and solutions for logistics and the global supply chain.

Youredi enables customers' business scaling and automation through its unified and modern platform for API and EDI transactions. Besides technology, we understand your business.

Youredi's solutions are versatile, secure, reliable, and provided as a fully managed integration service. Youredi enables quick data connectivity and process integration between trading partners of any size. Integrating with ecosystems, carriers, shippers, consignees, and the systems they use, Youredi provides global scale, speed, and agility. A seamless and timely flow of 100% accurate data provides organizations with the ability to analyze and optimize all their supply chain processes.

Youredi operates globally from Helsinki, Finland, and New York City, USA.

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