XLOG leverages Youredi's integration solutions to connect with new trading partners quickly and cost-efficiently

Case Study

XLOG leverages Youredi's integration solutions to connect with carriers, service providers, shippers and authorities quickly and cost-efficiently.

About the company

XLOG is a digital shipping & logistics platform directly connecting shipping companies to shippers, customs brokers, truck owners and warehouse operators for that door-to-door container delivery experience.

The platform is the result of more than 25 years of experience in the industry of international shipping/logistics and information technology. XLOG leverages the latest technologies for that seamless experience and create a complete documentation of the door-to-door shipment from country of origin to country of destination.

For more information, visit: https://xlog.net

The Challenge

Today, when it comes to exchanging business documents such as ocean bookings, booking confirmations, sailing schedules, shipment status updates, and invoices, most of the industry stakeholders still rely on traditional EDI solutions based on ANSI X12, EDIFACT, or in-house variations of these two. Additionally, EDI messages can be transferred with various protocols such as AS2, SFTP, FTP, or even EDI VANs networks. Although such solutions are quite outdated and inefficient, large companies are still lock-in with them due to significant investments in the EDI infrastructure made over several previous decades. These factors make the exchange of electronic business documents between industry stakeholders cumbersome and hard to implement.

Being an aggregation platform specialized in providing vital information for the supply chain and logistic industry in near to real-time, XLOG faced the challenge of developing a complex connectivity solution that would automate the communication between all the different parties such as service providers, shippers, carriers, brokers, and authorities, and allowed the company to connect new trading partners to the platform in a fast and cost-efficient way.

Needless to say, that in most cases, data exchange solutions carriers and other logistics operators have in place are not capable of direct communication with XLOG's modern API. To enable connectivity of such parties to the platform creates a need for constant data monitoring, harmonization, and mappings happening on the fly, which is quite a challenging and resource-intensive task.


The Solution

To cope with these challenges, XLOG had two options: utilize internal resources to develop the required integration solution in-house or leverage a partner to create the necessary data connectivity and message transformations according to the required standards. Not being an expert in data integrations, XLOG preferred partnering with an integration provider over in-house development.

As an integration partner, the company chose Youredi, a leading provider of data integration solutions for the logistics industry. Youredi's ability to transform potentially complex data and transmit it through any protocols and networks made the company a perfect choice for XLOG.

The solution Youredi provides for XLOG is a fully managed service based upon a unique cloud-based connectivity platform designed to work with various interfaces, data types, and standards used in the logistics and supply chain for information exchange between business partners.

While Youredi's platform acts as an integration layer between XLOG and its trading partners and ensures the required data standards by automatically converting, monitoring, and validating data coming from multiple sources, the Youredi expert team takes care of integrations, message mappings and onboarding of new trading partners to the XLOG's platform in the most cost-efficient way.

By having Youredi's solutions in place, XLOG is able to provide near real-time communication between involved parties and achieved a fast onboarding of new trading partners to the platform.


The Benefits

Leveraging Youredi's solutions and vast experience in supply chain and logistics data connectivity, XLOG tackled all the connectivity and data exchange challenges they had.

As Youredi provides a turnkey service, XLOG no longer needs to tie resources to complicated and labor-intensive integration projects and their maintenance. Instead, the company can entirely focus on developing the platform's key capabilities and scaling their business according to the strategy.

Due to Youredi's know-how and expertise in supply chain and logistics data connectivity, integrations of new parties to the platform is a matter of weeks, which also supports the company's ambitious growth strategy and gives XLOG a competitive advantage that differs the platform from the rest of the market.

"With Youredi, we now have the perfect solution to integrate efficiently and rapidly with our future vendors like the shipping carriers. As an industry aggregator, we definitely see this partnership as a catalyst in our plans to scale globally," said Eugenio Ynion Jr, CEO of XLOG.

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