Jaakko Elovaara Apr 7, 2020 3:00:00 PM 6 min read

Youredi supports DCSA’s global mission to deploy new standards in global shipping

Youredi today announced that its global supply chain and logistics data connectivity service and platform complies with and supports Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) Interface Standard for Track and Trace 1.0 (T&T), published by the DCSA.

Youredi is focused on automating and scaling data connectivity in global trade and logistics, working with many industry-leading companies and their extremely high data volume programs modernizing data connectivity from their old, legacy solutions. Hence the standardization work performed by DCSA is seen as a major leap in this industry and it represents perfect timing.

Youredi is a versatile, cloud-based integration platform that can communicate with any protocol and message format, transforming them on the fly between different participants. As messaging between various partners can be configured independently, connected parties do not need to worry about other parties’ integration details.

Utilizing the Youredi platform and its managed services, you can connect your existing T&T data publication or consuming channels to a single interface in Youredi - whether you are already using DCSA standard or your own proprietary messaging protocol. Youredi takes care of relaying the information to your clients or from your carriers and other data providers - regardless of their messaging requirements.

With Youredi, you can start providing DCSA-compliant messaging immediately. We will take care of transforming your existing T&T messaging to DCSA-compliant standards, providing technical connectivity, data caching when required, and other technical details for your clients and service providers. Meanwhile, you can prepare to have your internal systems DCSA compliant with the pace that suits your business best.

Jaakko Elovaara, CEO of Youredi, said:

"We are working on a daily basis with interoperability challenges. As we are integrating our customers with their trading partners, we need to understand and solve these challenges when helping our customers to operate efficiently with their network members. Common standards always make interoperability challenges easier to be resolved. The logistics industry has been waiting for the new, 21st century standards for a long time. DCSA has taken the initiative to produce great first steps on this journey, and we are tightly following and supporting this work at Youredi. We are very committed to work with DCSA on technical details regarding high volume and throughput challenges occurring within this user audience”.


About DCSA:

Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) is a neutral, non-profit group founded by major ocean carriers to digitize and standardize the container shipping industry. With the mission of leading the industry towards systematic collaboration, DCSA drives initiatives to make container transportation services transparent, reliable, easy to use, secure and environmentally friendly. DCSA’s open-source standards are developed based on input from DCSA member carriers, industry stakeholders and technology experts from other industries. DCSA member carriers include MSC, Maersk, CMA CGM, Hapag-Lloyd, ONE, Evergreen, Yang Ming, HMM and ZIM. Please download DCSA standards at dcsa.org.


About Youredi

Youredi is a global provider of a cloud-based Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution with a focus on global trade and logistics.

Youredi enables quick connections and message translations between trading partners and customers. Integrating with communities, carriers, shippers, consignees and the systems that they use, Youredi provides global scale, speed, and agility. This seamless real-time flow of 100% accurate data, provides organizations with the ability to analyze and optimize all supply chain processes.

Youredi operates globally from Finland, Germany and the USA. For more information, visit https://www.youredi.com or contact us at talktous@youredi.com.

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