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Martela partners with Youredi to ensure a data connectivity solution allowing automation of the supply chain messaging process with business partners.

HELSINKI, Finland, May 19, 2022 – Martela, one of the Nordic leaders specializing in developing human-centered working and learning environments, leverages Youredi's Integration services to automate its b2b messaging process.

The cooperation calls for Youredi to provide a fully managed data connectivity solution through which Martela can seamlessly connect with its suppliers and automate the messaging process.

The solution is based on Youredi Rapids Order2Invoice connectivity service, designed to ensure smooth integration of a customer's ERP or similar system with relevant trading partners and their unique systems. It is a flexible solution allowing the processing of integration messages and protocols according to a customer's and their trading partners' requirements. The Order2Invoice integration service automates all crucial steps, from purchase order transmissions, order confirmation, and advanced shipping notifications to invoices and other PO.

Leveraging the solution, the company will not only save time and resources needed for manual data entry and document handling but reduce errors and improve data quality.


"Being a leading company on the market, Martela works with tens of suppliers from across Europe. Each of them has its own interface, message types, formats, and transfer protocols, which significantly complicates the messaging and overall process digitalization for the company and its trading partners. Youredi is happy to assist Martela in their digitalization journey. Our solution guarantees a rapidly established connectivity and process automation with any of its existing suppliers as well as fast onboarding of new parties and integration use cases in the future." said Geesche Laksola, Head of Business Development, Youredi.


“In today's fast-paced economy, efficient and automated supply chain processes are the key to superior customer experience. Martela is constantly improving business processes, and bringing new value to our customers. The digital supply chain messaging solutions we are setting up in cooperation with Youredi will further enhance the visibility of our supply chain and Martela's capability to meet customer promises." said Timo-Pekka Räty, Head of IT, Martela.



Martela is a family business founded in 1945. We design and manufacture user-driven workplaces and learning environments where different kinds of spaces support individual ways of working and learning. We believe that an inspiring environment increases the joy of work, comfort, wellbeing and productivity.

Our aim is to offer our customers the best quality and service in the industry. The workspaces and learning environments designed by Martela will remain fresh and functional for many years to come.

For us, it is important that people find joy in their work. Bringing joy to work is also the starting point for our design process.

The goal of our design is to find answers to organisations’ latent and future needs. We are constantly studying working environments and new ways of working. What an organisation might need today might be useless tomorrow.

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