Data quality

You cannot work correctly with incorrect data. An integration solution has a critical role to validate the incoming data.


“These numbers are wrong.” - “They cannot be, they came through EDI.” How many times have you found out that the data that you rely on is incorrect? Wrong numbers, wrong addresses, incorrect timestamps… the list is endless. The fact that you have automated the information exchange with your trading partners does not necessarily mean that the data itself is correct. Information is keyed in from different sources, based on noisy telephone calls, blurry faxes etc.. What can you do? Either correct the information, if you can, or send the information back to the recipient and ask them to correct and re-send.



In the majority of data quality problems, there are two simple alternatives: either correct the data, or ask for the sender to resubmit the correct data. Typically both can be described in formal way, which means they can be automated. By using Youredi, the validation of inbound data can be based on customized business rules; if Youredi finds out that data is invalid, it can attempt to correct it based on the defined rules, or simply send it back to the sender.



With Youredi you can achieve automated validation, correction, and automated notifications to senders. This improves the quality and decreases the unnecessary manual work. With rapid notifications of errors in the data, you are also helping your trading partners to provide better quality data, thus improving the overall efficiency of the data and goods flow.