DCSA compliant data connectivity

This Webinar is the second part of our Maritime operators’ data integration webinar series.

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Maritime logistics series 2: DCSA compliant data connectivity

Common standards always make interoperability challenges easier to be resolved. The logistics industry has been waiting for the new, 21st century standards for a long time. DCSA has taken the initiative in this regard and has established the first common standards for track and trace (T&T), which was a huge step forward in the digitalization of the freight industry.

In this webinar, Sami Tähtinen (Chief Architect, Youredi), and Jaakko Elovaara (CEO, Youredi) will present Youredi's solution that allows quickly implement the standards and deploy DCSA compliant data connectivity with any partner, even though they are not yet DCSA compliant and want the T&T messaging to be created using their own proprietary formats.

You'll learn about the following:

  • Current challenges for data providers/service providers (carriers, terminal operators, ports)
  • The importance of DCSA standards
  • How to overcome the challenges and quickly deploy DCSA compliant data connectivity.


Time and Date:

Available On-Demand.

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Jaakko Elovaara, CEO, Youredi  

Sami Tähtinen, Chief Architect, Youredi