Case Study


The Challenge

• Efecte required connectivity across its systems and those of the customers.
• Information needed to be synchronized between Efecte’s and third parties’ systems.
• Routing data across Efecte’s and customer’s systems.
• Find a cost-effective solution for multiple integration purposes.
• Rapid development and deployment of the solution.
• Reduce manual labor required.


The Solution

• Quickly integrate multiple systems across Efecte and its customers, regardless of where they are located and what technologies they were built on.
• Scalable, transparent and automated process management.
• Seamless flow of information across various systems.
• Real-time alerting in case of connectivity issues of clients.


The Benefits

• Cost-effective process automation.
• Data transfer and synchronization happens in real-time.
• All data is synchronized across all stakeholders.
• Youredi’s Professional Services team has been managing the solution for Efecte, replacing expensive manual integration scripts.
•Efecte has full visibility into all processes; they can monitor the processes and data.
• Youredi provides proactive support.



“At Efecte, we understood that greater cost-effectiveness of our ser vices would provide superior value to our customers. To achieve this objective, we needed an integration solution that enables our clients to connect their processes with any outsourced vendors. Youredi’s solution has been a great addition to our integration capabilities, specifically when our customers require cloud-based integration solution. Thanks to iPaaS, we were able to connect our clients’ systems, seamlessly transfer data, and lower the cost. As a great plus, it’s easy to work with the teams at Youredi.”

Johannes Niemi
SVP, Efecte


About Efecte


Efecte is a Nordic SaaS company specialized in IT Service Management, Self-Service, Identity Management and Access Governance solutions. Efecte offers user-friendly Service and Identity Management software to the mid-sized and
enterprise markets as well as public organizations. Efecte’s platform allows their customers to instantly achieve the best productivity, transparent reporting, and return on investment in a single user centric solution. Efecte’s software and services are designed both on-premise and cloud environments.

Efecte operates in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The company was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Espoo, Finland.

For more please visit www.efecte.com.