Introducing global service automations

We work in collaboration with the Nordic software company Efecte. Efecte provides ITSM solutions that enable impressive process quality for information technology services. Youredi allows other systems to communicate with Efecte via an internet-based integration service.

By joining forces with Efecte we are introducing service automation to the cross-border market. Our service oriented integration technology combined with Efecte's service management system guarantees better services for end customers.

"Thanks to our co-operation, we can help our customers with exceptionally cost-effective possibilities to integrate their processes with any outsourcing vendors they use in an exceptionally cost-effective way." 

Johannes Niemi, SVP, Efecte

"Our co-operation enables our customers to use any data they need when delivering the best user experience for their end users, in any enterprise service", Niemi explains. 

Customers achieve scalable, transparent and automated processes to manage IT and business services and to ensure transfer of information between the company's various IT systems and vendors.

Best of modern technology

We use modern technology in our solutions so we are able to supplement Efecte's innovative offering widely. Today all companies operating on a multi-national scale need to display an ability to adapt to local infrastructure needs.