A cloud-based integration solution can easily integrate to your existing solution, and expand its functionality.


You have a great idea of a new service that solves some of the hard problems of the industry. However, full implementation of the solution requires seamless, automated information exchange with numerous external parties - which is a hard problem by itself. You need to focus on creating your core solution, but simultaneously enable integration to possibly hundreds of external endpoints.



Youredi is a modern, cloud-based integration service capable of solving all your partner integration needs. You will create a single interface between your solution and Youredi, based on technologies you are familiar with - whether you want to communicate via modern API’s or any other method. Youredi takes care of all the details towards your partners, translating messages to the format they understand (EDI standards, API’s, XML, JSON, CSV, inhouse formats,…) and communicating via channels they already use.



With Youredi in between, you and your partners can continue focusing on your core business as we are taking care of the communications within the network. As you can rely on the services provided by us, you don’t need to care about the integration details - and simultaneously be assured that you are sharing correct data with your clients and partners. In addition, you are able to speed up the development of your solution by relying on real-life data that flows into your solution using the interfaces you are familiar with.