Case Study


Fonecta offers all the essential tools for digital marketing and sales.

The Challenge

  • Developing integrations in-house for Fonecta’s contact information service,  Fonecta Yhteystieto Totaali was: 
    a) Fonecta employees needed to learn integration themselves, they constantly needed to educate new people
    b) Working with integration consultants took too long
    c) Building integrations in-house was time-consuming.

  • Fonecta needs to receive data from its customers and forward the data towards it partners (Forwarding the data to one of Fonecta’s largest customers was complicated).
  • Customers are submitting employee data to Fonecta manually through spreadsheets which allows space for errors.
  • An integration solution is required to create an effective, automated flow of data between all stakeholders.
  • Improving customer experience and straightforwardly customer satisfaction by automating data integration.
  • Strong data security is the top priority.

The Solution

  • Youredi Active Directory Adapter Integration that enables the effective flow of data regardless of the format between all stakeholders through REST API.
  • Data mapping and transformation happens customer specifically as the information formats may differ case by case.
  • Youredi’s solution ensures the cleanliness and integrity of data.
  • Youredi Support Service can easily and rapidly onboard new customers within Fonecta’s environment.
  • Youredi’s platform offers strong security while information is transferred through the cloud.
  • The automation of information is secure.
  • Youredi built up 16 active integrations between Fonecta and its customer
    organizations and the scalability of the platform makes possible to set up
    100-200 more when Fonecta decides to add more customers.


The Benefits

  • Inexpensive process automation that saves a significant amount of time for Fonecta.
  • Data transfer and synchronization happens in real-time and all data is synchronized across all stakeholders.
  • Knowing the exact costs of integration helps Fonecta to better calculate gross margins & profit margins in advance.
  • Youredi’s Professional Services team has been managing the solution for Fonecta, replacing expensive manual integration scripts.
  • Fonecta has full visibility into all processes; they can monitor the processes and data.
  • Fonecta has full visibility into all processes; they can monitor the processes and data.
  • Fonecta saves on IT-personnel - using Youredi is significantly more cost-effective.
  • Having an integration partner that is featured in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant makes Fonecta’s customers trust them more.



“Previously, Fonecta developed necessary integration solutions
in-house for our contact information service, Fonecta Yhteystieto Totaali, which was time-consuming and expensive.
Youredi is not only able to develop challenging integrations between Fonecta and our partners faster, but the scalability of Youredi’s iPaaS makes future integrations easier to build.
In addition, we are more aware of the costs of integration, thus we can calculate
gross margins and gross profit in advance.”

Lauri Soro
Product Manager, Fonecta


About Fonecta

Fonecta is a Finnish company specialized in supporting digital marketing and sales with vital data. Fonecta provides consumers with assistance in their everyday life regardless of time, place, and media and helps companies grow by using cost-efficient digital solutions to improve their customer service.

The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.
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