Full visibility to your logistics flow

A shipper or a BCO needs to know where the goods are traveling.



You know your products are state-of-the-art, and your customers love them. You have the best manufacturing processes in the world, ensuring that all the details in your product fit perfectly your customers' needs. But when the goods leave your factory, they enter a black hole, operated by your logistics partners, and - hopefully - some day will end up to the end user. As you want to provide your customers the best service, you would be happy to answer their queries about the shipment statuses - but you cannot, as you simply don’t know.



Modern logistics management is all about the exchange of information. As there are multiple parties - you as a shipper, freight forwarders, carriers, customs, port operators, and ultimately the BCO - involved in the journey, seamless co-operation is a must. As this information is moving in digital format (with some exceptions, though), it can be made accessible by you as well. With a modern integration platform provided by Youredi, we are experts in sharing and delivering this information to all parties - so that you have full visibility and control to the information of your goods.



With your logistics processes integrated to those of your logistics partners, you have access to information regarding the shipments any time. From the time when you order the shipment, to the moment they arrive to their destination, you always have the latest data. With Youredi being in charge of data exchange, all the relevant data is always visible to you - and your customers. There are no more black holes in your value chain