Global Supply Chain Integration

Discover how Youredi's fully managed integration solutions enable the transformation and modernization of the global supply chain.
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You can manage and view your B2B integrations anywhere using a browser interface.
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Configure message flows independently or with the assistance of Youredi professionals.
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Increase efficiency

Customers and networks can be given equal access to any information they are entitled to.

Transportation Logistics

Efficient data exchange between shippers, carriers, forwarders and other transportation providers is key to streamlining operations and providing great customer service. Youredi provides a simple, flexible and configurable platform to execute such tasks in real-time, in any format, across borders, lanes and modes.

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Retail E-commerce

A positive customer experience is the key to successful commerce. With an integration platform that provides real-time data, you can eliminate inefficiencies in your supplier-to-seller flow and ultimately create a more powerful shopping experience — all while maintaining full supply chain visibility.

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Financial Services

Today's financial business processes require more data, more details and end-to-end visibility. These processes often involve many parties, from customers to suppliers, from service providers to banks. A slow or inflexible platform simply won't get the job done. Our all-in-one integration solution will —with less cost, more speed and greater efficiency.


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